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Justice for Thalia

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On May 17, 2017 Commerce Animal Control Officer/Police Officer along with two other police officers went to the home of Kaci Storm Potts and Family.

The Potts have two Pitbulls. They had escaped their yard. Police were called with ACO Samantha Manrique also a police officer. No bites were reported for either dog.

Here is what happened that day. 

Well mine an my 3 yr olds heart got shattered today by the lady called "Samantha" that works for the COMMERCE ANIMAL CONTROL.
My precious Thalia that weve raised since birth got put down by her because "she was an aggressive dog". She had gotten out of the backyard somehow an once I realized I ran outside an she was YELLING at me with her gun drawled to get my dog back into the yard (which she was already back into the dog house with her 3 WEEK OLD PUPPIES by that time). She then told and FORCED me to hand over my Thalia, along with our other pit, or I was to be arrested by the two police that were here also. Well I have my 3 year old and my week an half baby so I had no choice.

She then made me sign a paper that she stated was "given them permission to take the dogs instead of arrest me" which come to find out, that paper I was forced to sign was actually given her permission to euthanize my dog. Yes i agree i shouldve read the damn paper better, but I had our inside dogs barking, my baby crying and Raelyn crying for thalia all at the same time so my head wasnt fully there.!

But Samantha Manrique, who tried to tell me it would be 100,000 to get dog out, also preceded to KILL my dog without giving me a chance to get her out just because she couldnt get her out of their truck. She DID NOT call me before doing so an also began to tell my mother that we couldn't afford the 100,000 to get her.! She doesn't know how much money we have nor did she have the right to make that decision.! She refused to even let us see my dog or have her remains after she killed her.

 That $100,000 that was mentioned is liability insurance that must be obtained if you are Keeping a Dangerous Dog.. A dangerous dog is defined as one that makes unprovoked attacks or acts like its going to attack a person when it is out of the enclosure which is being kept. State of Texas law chapter 822.04 states that the owner of a dangerous dog must register the dog with animal control office or sheriff office in areas without animal control office and restrain the dog at all times on a leash when outside its secure enclosure. The owner must also purchase a $100,000 liability insurance policy specific for the dog to cover the cost of potential damage to a person. This law became effective 1991.

So that $100,000 Kaci Storm Potts was told she had to pay was an ACO stating a law that does not pertain to Kaci Storm Potts dog. Nor her Brother's dog.

At no time did the dogs bite or harm anyone. Therefore they're not classified as Dangerous.

 If Kaci did have to obtain liability insurance it would not have cost her a $100,000 up front. Insurance companies take a down payment and monthly payments. 

Does anyone pay that $250,000 up front for bodily injury on your car insurance? 

Thalia and their other Pitbull was murdered due the negligence of ACO/ Police Officer Samantha Manrique.She refused to explain the paper to Kaci Storm Potts  that she demanded Kaci sign. ACO Samantha Manrique also refused to let Kaci Storm Potts pick up her dogs to be cremated.

All that are signing this petition are requesting a full investigation of the incident that occured on May 17, 2017. Any reports that dogs have bitten anyone at anytime before and on May 17, 2017. Corrective action leading to suspension of ACO Samantha Manrique. Investigation of an armed weapon being drawn in the vicinity of a 3 year old child. 












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