Justice for Tega Agberhiere !! Charge the perpetrators

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Tega Agberheire was only 16 years old when he fell victim to an acid attack along with three others in April of 2019. Agberheire suffered first degree burns to his face, head and neck, ultimately affecting his eyesight. After spending four days in hospital in Waterford, he was transferred to Cork University Hospital due to the severity of his injuries.
                                                     On the 11th of December 2019, Gardaí had informed his mother, Christie Agberheire that the perpetrators will only receive a “juvenile warning” therefore they will not be charged. This decision derived from the fact that the perpetrators were underage, and due to them not coming to Garda attention before the incident last April, the two received juvenile warnings instead. Gardaí also told her, that the two boys would need to avoid coming to Garda attention over the coming year. This is absolutely unjust. 
      Quoted from The Irish Times, Ms Agberhiere said she intends to fight the decision: “This boy needs justice. His looks have been destroyed but it has affected him emotionally, physically ... They need to review the decision ”. 
                                We need to lend a hand to help boost this case up, to make it more widespread and to potentially put it under review once again. We need to serve justice where possible, and we need justice for Tega.