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Despite massive protests from around the world and from EU Sweden continue killing of wolves.

Wounded wolves, lonely surviving pups, the killing of genetically healthy wolves and killings from helicopter. Just some of the atrocities that were committed. A massive protest from the whole world was sent to the European Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik, who said that the EU will make some kind of sanctions against Sweden.

  The hunters are now fighting back.

 We need to put a pressure on the EU-Commissioner.

We have to do all we can for the dead and living wolves in Sweden. Justice for the wolves. Few people decided this massacre and we can't let them do so without penalty of one sort or another.

Thank you

Please send letter from Nordulv (North Wolf)


Letter to
European Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik

I am writing to you on behalf of the wolves in Sweden. We have a few points which might be of value for the Commission on its meeting on Thursday. We feel that in order to make the right and just decision, all relevant information should be taken into consideration. We have received a massive reaction from groups and individuals from all parts of the world and we have, only this last month, received 30,000 signatures which will be presented to Mr. Carlgren.

More than 6,700 licenses have been issued for the killing of this year’s quote which is 20 wolves and that is a total outrage. Many of the animals killed have been Alpha-males and -females and even people with little knowledge of wolves are aware of the importance of Alpha animals for a healthy development within the pack. Many of the animals were wounded, shot in the belly or the legs, which is only to be expected with "6,700 "hunters" divided into six different hunting districts, which amounts to more than 1,100 "hunters" in each district, who creates total chaos and not only for the targeted animals but for all animals in the different areas.

At the meeting on Thursday, we ask you to also consider the following:

• Right now wolves with Russian/Finnish genes are being shot time and time again within the Nordic countries; two were recently killed from helicopter by the Swedish authorities and one by the Norwegian authorities, close to the Swedish border, near the reindeer grazing area. Although the Swedish parliament has pushed through the transfer of valuable wolves as first choice for improving the gene base.

• Norway has recently offered to Sweden to collect two wolves with Russian/Finnish origin in Finnmark, Norway, but Sweden has refused!

Sweden also controls the wolves that have their territory across the border between Sweden and Norway; these are included in the licensed hunt and in protection hunts by Swedish authorities, even though they have part of their habitat in Norway.

Another relevant question is the contribution of funds from EC which Sweden received 2010 as we know it, part of that fund paid for the wolf hunt 2010. Within a time span of one year 127 wolves will be dead. Last years hunt killed 28 wolves, the quote 2011 is 20 wolves and 16 are already shot and four to go. Last year 79 wolves died if we include the Norwegian wolves. That includes the number of wolves killed by poachers which is estimated to be 20%, in other words, 16 wolves were killed illegally. Bottom line, in 12 month 127 wolves have died in hunting, poaching and for other reasons. As I am sure you understand, we have to act, otherwise there will no wolves left in Sweden within the near future. We consider this to be a crime against the regulations of protection of species living under the threat of distinction and we are asking you to deal with this accordingly.