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Justice for Sissy: If Found Guilty, Maximum Charges against Jazmin Kimberlin for Animal Cruelty


Jazmin Kimberlin of Trenton, NC has been charged with animal cruelty after her emaciated pit bull “Sissy” froze death. A neighbor discovered Sissy’s lifeless body.  It appears that Sissy collapsed due to being emaciated and she could not withstand the elements. Investigators stated that Sissy did not stand a chance in the freezing weather.  “Hooch” another dog that was also located on the same property was alive but also emaciated. The location of "Roxy", another dog claimed to be owned by Ms Kimberlin, is not known. No food or water was found for either dog and there was little shelter from the elements.

If found guilty of animal cruelty, we respectfully request that Jazmin Kimberlin be sentenced with the maximum penalty allowed by law.  We also request that Hooch and Roxy, be removed from Ms Kimberlin's home and that  she be banned from owning any animals.


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  • Jones County Superior Court, Jones County DA Jimmie B. Hicks, Jr

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