Justice for Samson & Animal Neglect & Abuse!

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After 10 separate cases of owner dumping and animals being left in critical shape and condition, we believe Samson will be pivotal in getting some of the climate changed. The media is beginning to take interest in many of these animal cases across the country, and we know now that we do have some recourse and can continue to use our voice to stop this national epidemic of owner dumping.
Times are tough, pets get older and situations change, but no animal deserves to be "disposed" of onto the street for being sick or aging.

Samson's case is unique in that his former owner pridefully confessed to discarding Samson from her vehicle with no water onto the street with symptoms of vomiting and urinary disease. She drove away telling a volunteer after the fact that Samson " could beg for food somewhere else." Rescue volunteers searched for 3 weeks until an experienced trapper, was able to bait a successful trap and Samson was recovered.

Samson was x-rayed with bloodwork at an area hospital that showed high enzymes and severed muscles/tissues that doctors confirmed were due to physical blows from a hand/ foot or violent throw to the ground. We have been told that this portion of evidence more than likely will not be considered and not to be surprised if the courts reject it. It's based on "who may have done it" and "no eyewitness." Samson is now thriving and mending in his new forever home PROVING he was well worth a chance and deserved the love and compassion that he is now getting!
Long after this trial  we will still be a voice for Samson, and all of the abused and neglected like him. At least nine other cats in Union county were thrown out after Samson & from our understanding cats AND dogs are being discarded all across the country. By not doing something, we condone this behavior. Justice for Samson is a start. Please don't let his previous owner go unpunished & let's start holding these heartless criminals accountable for their actions!

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