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On 29th May, Reigphamy Awungshi, a 21-year-old girl from Manipur was found dead in her rented room in South Delhi. Her body was lying in a pool of blood with multiple injuries: her nose was bitten off, a leg bore a large cut mark, her eyelids were scratched.

Shockingly Delhi police concluded that it was suicide, after ignoring the gruesome wounds on her body. They did not even lodge an FIR till there was public outrage.

Thousands  allege that police tampered with evidence in the room, and the suicide theory also restricted the scope of post-mortem.Reigphamy’s friends and well-wishers, claim that this is racial prejudice.

Local SHO made a discriminatory statement saying that “NorthEast girls work in spas and that is why such incidents take place”.

Reingamphi friends and relatives suspect that she was raped and murdered. They also allege that a brother-in-law of the landlord used to harass her. 

It was the landlord who first noticed the body when he peeped through the ventilator above the door. He informed police who broke open the door and found the body. However, the backdoor of the room was found open. Police should have observed this, but they did not.

In an outrageous incident, some local residents of the locality in Chirag Delhi allegedly threatened that those from the northeast here would face consequences if any local boy was picked up by police. Thousands of people have been protesting but there is no significant impact of the investigation. The incident and the lack of action from the police side is very similar to mysterious deaths of Richard Loitam, Dana Sangma and the racial assaults that led to the mass exodus from Bangalore in 2012.

It is also apparent from this case that the May 10, 2012 Home ministry advisory on racial discrimination and profiling of the northeast peoples in the metros seems to have been ignored by the law enforcing agencies at the ground level.

Please sign this petition and telling the Members of Parliament (NorthEast India) and Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Chief Minister of Manipur to ensure immediate and unbiased investigation of Reigphamy Awungshi’s death.

Letter to
Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde
Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit
Commissioner of Police, Delhi Mr. B. K. Gupta, IPS
and 1 other
Members of Parliament, NorthEast India

The members of parliament from Manipur
Lok Sabha Inner and outer constituency
And Rajya Sabha

Honourable Sir,

We the undersigned would like to bring to your attention some very serious concerns relating to the recent tragic death of Miss Reigphamy Awungshi (21), daughter of AS Chihanpam of Chuithui village, Ukhrul district (Manipur) at her rented room, house number 424, B-Block, Chirag Delhi.

We strongly believe that the circumstances that lead to her death and the insensitive and humiliating incidences following the death are the results of dehumanising attitudes and attributes that has been conceived in the mind of the ‘mainland Indians’ through the years.

Sir, it is great pain to that many of her loving friends and well wishers have to fight to even register a FIR. Worse is the fact that the investigating police officer had total disregard and disrespect for the death when they were referred to SPA workers in a derogatory tone and was shown to be the reason for such incidences of ‘suicide’. We wonder how in the face of such attitude which has seek to humiliate and degrade the people of northeast India, that poor Reignphamy Awungshi can even have a fair investigation leave alone justice. Many of us believe there are very strong evidences of homicidal signs and even the possibility of gruesome sexual and physical assault leading to the unfortunate death.

Sir, we believe that one of most important factors that have lead to these ever increasing negative attitude towards us, that is exemplified by the manner of treatment to the ‘death’ is the absence of voices and solidarity of our own people. We are deeply hurt and angry that our leaders seem to have left us and ignored us during such challenging and tragic times especially aggravated by a racially biased investigation and compounded by many national media who we believe are willfully omitting ‘truth’ because of our geographical and racial origin.

We wish to request you to please exercise your full responsibility and power bestowed by the people who have elected you and make strong initiatives to bring about justice to Reigamphy Awangshi and make sincere effort for punitive actions to follow against those officials and professionals for their apathy and dereliction of duty.

Sir, we urge you to seriously acknowledge the presence of the dangerous racial stereotyping and prejudice that have not only dehumanise and traumatise the life of many innocent people but have become so profound that the prevailing racism has even have lead to death. Worse is apart from causing death, victims of racism are even denied the basic constitutional right to even register a FIR. Reignphamy Awungshi, Dana Sangma, and Loitam Richard, who were victims of racism are few names we have become familiar in the recent times. We would strongly emphasise and politely remind again that this appalling racial attitude which even denies basic FIR or a ethical forensic study affect many of us and there is the need to be address it immediately.

We are requesting again to please perform the foremost duties of yours especially in this very tragic times and help restore basic dignity by ensuring a professional unbiased investigation and bring justice to Reigphamy awungshi and her family.

Thanking you

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