Justice for Rebekah Barsotti - Did They Leave Her There?

Justice for Rebekah Barsotti - Did They Leave Her There?

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Started by Laura Williams

Rebekah Barsotti went missing July 20, 2021. She was last seen at Town Pump in Superior, MT with her dog Cerberus around 2:15pm on the 20th of July. Her vehicle and some personal items along with Items for her dog were all found at MM 71 off I90 by Clark Fork River near Alberton. On July 26, 2021, Cerberus was found drowned 10 miles down river. The scene at MM 71 was never secured and forensics were never performed on the personal items found or her vehicle. Mineral County Sheriff Office immediately considered this a river accident even though nobody saw Rebekah or her dog there and no investigation was performed. Nobody saw Rebekah or her dog go in the river. Mineral County Sheriff did not consider any other scenario even though this is considered a truck stop and a very busy fishing access. Rebekah had recently left an abusive marriage. She had a No Contact Order in place. She had just met with a third party employee of the husband at the Town Pump for an exchange of personal items from the marital home prior to going missing that day.

All river search efforts for Rebekah were stopped August 23, 2021. No land searches were performed. Rebekah‘s mom, a grieving mother, was told by Mineral County Sheriff Toth that her daughter was not the President and he wasn’t even going to search for her. Rebekah’s estranged husband has never been considered a suspect even though he has had 4 different alibis (although hearsay) and even though he has a prior history of domestic violence but no criminal record of it. He is known to be friends of Mineral County deputies and the Sheriff. In March 2022 in State of Montana vs Barsotti, David was found not guilty in the domestic violence trial. Prosecutors were restricted from revealing Rebekah was a missing person but defense was able to point out Rebekah didn't even appear for her own trial...as if she was not that concerned.  SHE WAS MISSING!  In this trial we did learn, however, that David Barsotti is not who Rebekah and her family (or his community) thought he was. According to David he was a Special Ops Marine who fought in Iraq wearing a patch over his eye from an IED accident. Instead we learned David Barsotti never made it out of Marine Boot Camp. He served 4 months and 11 days and was discharged for a childhood injury he failed to disclose prior to induction.  David Barsotti has a very dangerous persona of self and he has lied for many years about who he is. He’s a dangerous pathological liar.

In the last nine months Rebekah‘s parents have coordinated volunteer search efforts, hired attorneys, private investigators, and a search and rescue team. They have dodged threats on their lives and threats on their private home in Virginia. These threats have never been taken seriously by either Missoula or Mineral County law enforcement. It's not understood why David Barsotti would hire someone to kill the parents and burn down their residence if this is in fact a river accident.

During the month of March both Wings of Hope and Northstar SAR were hired by the parents to search the Clark Fork River from Alberton Rock MM 71 to Thompson Falls Montana. Rebekah was never found. However the parents did receive a report that included information from August 2021 when both teams were present to offer assistance to Mineral County to search for Rebekah. In that report Angie learned very disturbing news. The report revealed that SAR dogs alerted on a specific area of the river and divers were called in. But after an initial attempt, the search and rescue was aborted even though sonar images showed an image of what appears to be something (a body) 5.5 feet long. The exact height of Rebekah Barsotti. The SAR teams were all sent home. Rebekah’s mother also learned that a volunteer with sonar and drone capabilities had also spotted an image on August 10,2021 of what appeared to be a body in the Clark Fork River. This information was turned over to Missoula County Sheriff Office since both Mineral and Missoula shared in the policing of the missing case. The parents only learned this information because they hired teams that had been there in August 2021. Neither Mineral County or Missoula County ever notified the parents of this information. Mineral County Sheriff Toth continuously said everything has been shared with the family. He even refuses to release the initial 911 call placed by whoever found the personal items on the Clark Fork River Bank, even though this is considered public criminal justice information. From the family’s perspective and the perspective of the community something is remiss. There appears to be a cover up.

The parents have contacted DCI, FBI, and every other agency or Public Official (State Representatives, Senators, etc. ) for help. The Montana Attorney General refuses to schedule an appointment with them even though under Montana law, the Attorney General is the state’s chief legal officer, chief law enforcement officer, and director of the Montana Department of Justice. The Attorney General also has supervisory authority over the State’s 56 county attorneys and, at the request of local, state or federal law enforcement agencies, can investigate criminal violations of law. In a court hearing brought by the parents, their attorney was told there is an investigation being opened by the Montana Attorney General, only to find out a month later this isn't true.

This could be your son or daughter. There needs to be universal policies and procedures for agencies to follow in missing persons cases where domestic violence in involved.  We want justice for Rebekah Barsotti. There appears to be foul play and a coverup. Please visit findrebekahbarsotti.com or on Facebook "Find Rebekah Barsotti" to read for yourself the travesty of justice in this case. We need national coverage. But more importantly, we hope with enough signatures we can get Rebekah’s case in front of Governor Gianforte, so a thorough investigation can be brought and that justice can be served wherever it is due.

June 2, 2022 Body of Rebekah Identified

Four seasons passed before news broke, the body found on May 17 is the body of our Rebekah. This is such bittersweet news for all of us. While I am filled with overwhelming sadness, I am also relieved Angie, Gerry, Ralph Rebekah’s Dad, Tony, and the rest of our family can feel a sense of relief and closure. The unknown was horrendous torture for all of us but especially for Angie. I’ve said so many times, no mother should have to do the things Angie had to do in her search for her daughter, Rebekah. She did it all with admirable strength, dignity, and grace.
Rebekah was an amazing young lady. I will always remember her for being strong willed and determined. She walked to the beat of her own drum, always happy; she embraced a love for life with such a free spirit. Yesterday, prayers were answered. We can take comfort in knowing Rebekah is safe, free from pain and suffering. Thank you to everyone here for your support and kind words of condolence. Rebekah deserved so much more from this life.
Angie and Gerry will need time to process their grief. I am not sure what will come next, but I want to think of today as a new beginning. Rebekah’s legacy will continue to unfold before us.
We Love you Rebekah.
“Only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footprints have left on our hearts.”
Dorothy Ferguson


We need a complete and thorough investigation surrounding Rebekah's disappearance and death because of it's suspicious circumstances.  Rebekah was a victim of Domestic Violence, she had left the marriage, and obtained an Order of No Contact.  Yet Mineral County Sheriff Mike Toth refuses to investigate Rebekahs disappearance as anything other than a missing persons case/river accident.  Many of law enforcement officers in Superior, MT are friends with Rebekah's estranged husband, David, including Sheriff Toth.

We need State Attorney General Knudsen to step in and investigate Sheriff Mike Toth for his mishandling of this case.  As Attorney General he governs all Sheriff's and Law Enforcement in the State of Montana. 

We need Rebekah's case brought before Governor Gianforte, so a thorough investigation can be brought and justice served wherever it is due.

We need national attention brought to Rebekah's case.

We need release of the 911 call made by the person(s) that found Rebekah's personal belongings on the Clark Fork Riverbank July 20, 2021.

We need release of all video footage from the 12 surveillance cameras at the Town Pump from July 20, 2021. We are told only 2 cameras footage were provided to LE.  Town Pump is a major chain.

There are discrepancies in the autopsy!  Rebekah could not be identified by DNA after 3 attempts even though the State Crime Lab had DNA from both biological parents and Rebekah.  Rebekah was identified by dental records but she presented with teeth missing that she was known to have.  Rebekah was found completely intact 10 months after going missing, on a river bank of the Clark Fork River approximately 30 miles from where LE said she went in the river with only a pebble in her thigh.  She presented in clothing different than that reported by the last person that saw Rebekah (the third party employee of David Barsotti).  The autopsy reported tattoos and placement of those tattoos different than those that Rebekah was known to have.

Rebekah Barsotti's estranged husband was deemed Rebekah's Personal Representative because they were only separated not divorced.  This put Rebekah back into the hands of the abuser she fled from.  Rebekah is now BURIED IN HIS BACKYARD!  

We need universal policies and procedures for agencies to follow in all adult missing persons cases where domestic violence is involved.  Remember David Barsotti was never considered a person of interest or suspect.  The marital property was never searched and electronics never seized.

Proposed Legislative Changes –

1) When a missing person is also a victim of domestic violence, that case should be immediately elevated out of the county level to the State’s Department of Justice and FBI. 

2) When you have a victim of domestic violence go missing, homicide should be considered first instead of never and the spouse should be considered suspect.

3) When a missing person that was a victim of domestic violence is later found deceased, the estranged spouse should not automatically be deemed the Personal Representative of the deceased missing person simply because they are the spouse. 

4) In states that have separation requirements before filing for divorce, which Montana is one, there needs to be an escape clause for victims that are separated due to domestic violence.


3,451 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!