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Petitioning Wayne County District attorney Richard Healy

Justice for Queenie! Demand Evan Welcher be given the MAXIMUM penalty for the horrific death of 3 year old Queenie!

Queenie was a three year old American Bulldog mix who was brutally beaten and shot multiple times. The suspect Evan Welcher did so in front of his mother and his friend who did nothing to help her! Welcher was initially charged with misdemeanor cruelty to animals however after the eye witness reports and the vet report it was upgraded to Felony Animal cruelty. In NY Felony Animal cruelty carries a maximum of 2 years in prison and/or a fine. We are asking Wayne County district attorney Mr. Healey to prosecute Welcher to the fullest extent and ask for the maximum of 2 years imprisonment. I have included the news article below please read what Queenie went through and sign the petition. Help lend a voice to her. Thank You!

Letter to
Wayne County District attorney Richard Healy
We are asking that you be a voice for Queenie. Her brutal and savage death was carried out in front of two witnesses that did nothing to help her. Please don't be just another person that lets her down. Ask that the court impose the maximum sentence that Mr. Welcher so rightfully deserves.

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