Justice for Quawan 'Bobby' Charles: Independent Investigation

Justice for Quawan 'Bobby' Charles: Independent Investigation

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Justice for Quawan 'Bobby' Charles

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Started by Shayna Lawson

"Family members of a 15 year old boy found dead (in a sugar cane field, face down) near Loreauville (Louisiana) want more answers on the cause of death in the case."

"Charles was reported missing on Friday October 30 in Baldwin. Family members say Charles left his home with a 17 year old friend and the teen's mother without permission."

"Charles was found dead in a rural area off Ed Broussard Road near Loreauville three days later on November (2), 2020."

"The family says they were told Quawan Charles drowned. Now they are seeking an independent autopsy."




The family has met their goal for the independent autopsy, on GoFundMe, but please still donate if you can: https://www.gofundme.com/f/26s4fjvluo

We want to gather as many signatures as possible and send this petition to Louisiana AG, Louisiana Governor, and the Louisiana Commission on Human Rights.


Petition: Justice for Quawan "Bobby" Charles

We the American people believe the findings of 15-year-old, Quawan "Bobby" Charles, to be reminiscent of that of 14-year-old Emmett Till.

Charles went missing October 30th. When the family reported Charles missing, the police told them the child was 'probably at a football game.' No amber alert was issued by the police. Charles' body was found on November 2nd. Charles' father was notified on November 3rd, and his mother was notified November 4th. Charles' body was found face down, in a sugar cane field, in Loreauville, Louisiana. Half of the lower portion of the child's face was missing. The coroner stated that no blunt force trauma had taken place, and that the child had died from drowning.

The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office has yet to provide the family with the location in which the the child's body was discovered.

While the Charles' family awaits the results of an independent autopsy, a separate investigation must take place. Due to the current racial tension between the American people and police and due to the lack of transparency from the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office, a separate and unbiased investigation must take place. This child's death looks to be nothing less than a modern day lynching. America cannot have the world look at us again the same way they did after the lynching of Emmett Till. This child, Quawan "Bobby" Charles, deserves fair justice. 

171,132 have signed. Let’s get to 200,000!