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Early Spring of 2010 Prissy our favorite Farm Dog and protector of the herd was poisoned by an individual who was subsequently arrested and charged with a Felony Cruelty to Animal. There has been nothing but delays and excuses given to me by the Bastrop District Attorneys Office as to why this charge has not been heard in a courtroom. I cannot allow this go to on any longer as Prissy did not deserve the death she endured due to the Evil Nature of the person charged..Please follow my postings daily with more info on Prissy and this case as it has been much to long for "JUSTICE FOR PRISSY".!

I was told by the Court Coordinator that Cases where the individual is in custody take precedence over those who have been able to bond out...But come on now...This has gone on for over 2 1/2 yrs now....Why would a Judge allow a defense attorney to continuously reset a case so many times if it was not obvious that they want me to drop the charges...That is not an option.... When you see the look an animal gives you when it is suffering and wondering why this happened to it then you will know..! I have never forgotten that look on my Prissy's face as she struggled to live..! Meanwhile he walks and works and acts like nothing ever happened.! It is just not right...He has been afforded more rights than either Prissy or myself for that matter...!!

Just a little history on how this occurred so you will know the facts....

Prissy was a barker....she would bark and let me know if anyone was remotely close to our fenceline ...Exactly what a dog will do right...?.......Well our property since we moved in has always been fenced.....We have the BEST 5ft no climb woven wire fencing all around the entire ranch.....Barbed wire on the top and bottom....In other words nothing can get in and of course our dogs cannot get out......The have never challanged the fencing...although I have heard of Great Pyrs climbing a fence or digging under....None of my dogs have ever done this......So long story short...Prissy would just bark at this individual as he walked by each morning which was his morning ritual for quite some time........Prissy could not get out and never would have bitten him if she could...she would bark more for attention...In fact I can guarantee you if he had just stopped and talked to her she would have stopped barking and wagged her tail anticipating a pat on the top of her head.....On the morning of this incident and as a matter of fact...every time the dogs would bark I would look outside to see what was going on....This morning I happened to look out and noticed that this individual was not on the road but up against our large metal gate at the corner of the property and he was reaching thru the gate and giving or attempting to give my dogs something...Now I immediately ran out and as I ran towards him...he took off.....As I got to the front of the gate which was in less than 10 seconds...Prissy was already vomiting and having difficulty breathing.......As I watched her she vomited out a large peice of sausage which was pretty much still intact and I could tell there was something plastic with a white substance inside of it....I immediately called the Sheriff's dept. and the Vet....As the Vet is almost 45 minutes from us...they told us to get her in...Long story short Prissy never recovered and was suffering from the caustic burns inside her mouth, throat and stomach.......She was put down and if any of you have ever had to watch a beloved family member look at you in pain and knowing you would never see them alive again then you can relate.....More later...but suffice it to say...I think over 2 yrs is more than enough time to bring a case to trial and I know that I am ready for Justice for Prissy...!!

Prissy died after enduring a horrible painful fight for her life... She was a rescue from the El Paso Humane Society who when we rescued her was nothing but skin and bones.....She had obviously been mistreated as she would cower and flinch if you tried to pet her.....This was a senseless act of inhumanity to a helpless animal that deserved much more happiness with us here on our ranch....I am asking and imploring you to sign and share this petition with your friends and family ....I appreciate all your help and comments and hopefully we can find "Justice for Prissy"  soon...! 

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