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Petitioning Palm Bay, FLORIDA

Harsh Punishment For Animal Abuse and Neglect

On Wednesday October 30th Chris Byrd, 44, 'tied his dog PipSqueak to the back of his SUV before packing his children and wife into the car and driving off.
He drove between 35-40mph for over 1,336 feet before being flagged down by witnesses.
The dog had lost all the skin from the pads of his feet and was taken to a veterinarian's for medical attention.
Byrd arrested for animal cruelty and other charges. He claims that he did this unknowingly.
There is no way this was an accident.
Please urge the court system to punish this loser to the fullest extent of the law.

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Harsh Punishment For Animal Abuse and Neglect.
The state of Florida has some of the worst laws regarding the treatment of animals.
Many counties in the state even have full bans on any Bullie breeds like poor PipSqueak.
Our entire nation needs much more serious punishment for animal abuse and neglect but we need to start somewhere and this is a perfect example of why that is necessary.