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Justice for Pet Cat Gutted, Decapitated with Pocket Knife

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In a twisted act of extreme animal cruelty, a man in O'Fallon, Missouri allegedly killed his pet cat by gutting it with a pocket knife to expose its inner organs, then slicing off its head. High on an unnamed drug, he was caught running through the park covered in the blood of the murdered cat.

The perpetrator is facing a slap on the wrist for this heinous act -- we must demand that the charges fit the crime, and this sick individual never be allowed to own an animal again.

In Missouri, animal cruelty is a felony when it involves "torture and mutilation while [the] animal was alive." But shockingly, this man is being charged with just a misdmeanor, and is out walking the streets free on a light $2,500 bail.

"Drugged" or not, it is a serious offense to mutilate and kill a cat with a pocket knife. Furthermore, people who treat animals this way often prey on human victims next.

Sign the petition to tell the O'Fallon Police Department that this man must be charged with a felony and held fully accountable for the gruesome torture and killing of this innocent cat. 

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