Justice for Ossining Dog Chained for 7 YEARS who is SUFFERING and in DANGER!

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"We discovered a wonderful dog Luna who has been chained for seven years outside in the Village of Ossining,". "The owner refuses to take Luna inside. We have video and documentation of her left out abandoned in 20-degree temperatures and also 96 degree temperatures, sometimes with no food, no water. Nobody home."

Ossining Trustees, passed a weak law that would set restrictions on how long a pet can be left tied up or unattended. The law allows the dog to be left outside for up to 12 hours per day without any supervision. The new law does not define extreme temperatures or weather conditions therefore putting the dog in danger during those conditions. 

As of the week of July 16 to July 23 the Tether Law that was passed has been VIOLATED . The owner has committed and official crime of animal cruelty and we DEMAND that the law be enforced Immediately!!

SOLUTION: We are requesting that the Luna be evaluated by an independent vet to determine her well being and health. Our photos from last year show serious loss of weight and her fur is uncared for. 

WE WANT THE CHAINS OFF! We want Luna protected and surrendered! 

This is animal cruelty and this law clearly only protects the dog owner and not the DOG. Luna is now suffering and in danger! Please stand with us and help save Luna. Please sign this petition in order to be the voice of this dog who is chained! 

Mayor Victoria Gearity, Police Chief Kevin Sylvester, and SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officer Ernie Lungaro REFUSE TO ENFORCE THE TETHER LAW and PUNISH THE DOG OWNER! 

Justice for LUNA Now!

Please raise your voice to help save Luna!

Mayor Victoria Gearity:

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Chief Kevin Sylvester

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SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officer Ernie Lungaro

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