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Oscar was adopted by his "owners" when the neighbors stopped feeding him and his siblings.  They were never indoor cats, but we fed them and they thought they had two homes.  The one they lived outside of and the one they were fed at... so when the previous owners left them behind we continued to care for them.  When the new owners moved in we were sure to ask them if the cats were a problem because they go there all the time,, it was never a problem.. until a new boyfriend moves in.   On August 5, 2010, Oscar was found with a cross bow bolt through his body.  The man admitted to doing it.  We want Justice for Oscar to tell the officials animal cruelty is unacceptable... Please sign and we will present to the magistrate.

Letter to
Pennsylvania State House
Please sign Oscar's petition, we want to make sure that people that do this sort of thing are punished to the full extent of the law. We want the people that care for our animals in the United States to have a voice and let it be heard at this time. Make an example out of those that want to commit this sort of crime. Thank you.

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