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Justice For Norman

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My kitty, Sir Norman Lefluef was horribly abused while changing planes in Houston, TX at Houston Bush International Airport on my way to Las Vegas for relocation. I watched in horror from my seat aboard the plane and was powerless to do anything. The handler slid poor Normans crate 100's of feet across the concrete, then rocked his cage and poked at him and laughed. My poor kitty is now suffering from head trauma.

 Airlines need to train, screen and keep an eye on animals being transported. I had 3 animals with me that day and coudn't take them "in" the plane with me. I was assured they would be treated like FIRST CLASS and I PAID for First Class treatment.  I want this man who did this to my kitty to be found, fired, fined and charged with felony animal cruelty.

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Here is the contact information for the people that were directly responsible for Norman’s care while flying to Las Vegas from Boston.  These are the people that told me he’d be going FIRST CLASS.  I have also included his confirmation number so anyone contacting them will have his information.

Continental Airlines PetSafe---call toll free 1-800-575-3335 or 832-235-1541.

Confirmation Number: RCBUQLBO

Flight Information
Day, Date: Saturday 5/12/2012
Flight: 1673
Departure City and Time: BOS (Boston, MA ) 4:49 PM Arrival City and Time: IAH (Houston, TX ) 8:03 PM Aircraft Type: 738

Day, Date: Saturday 5/12/2012
Flight: 1640
Departure City and Time: IAH (Houston, TX ) 9:10 PM Arrival City and Time: LAS (Las Vegas, NV) 10:32 PM Aircraft Type: 753


Update on Norman:  He has a new brother, Sombra, who has taught him how to do some "kitty" things.  He still has dizzy spells but is coming along well.  Anyone who is around him more than 5 minutes can tell that he has suffered tramatic brain injury by the way his head rolls around  when he sits still.  The vet assures me that he is not in pain, but it just breaks my heart to see him this way. (01/02/2013)

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