Justice For Neglected Minnesota Horses

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Hi everyone! This petition is in regards to 50+ malnourished and neglected horses in Wrenshall, MN (Carlton County) who need OUR help to save them.

There are 50+ malnourished and neglected horses in Wrenshall, MN and those are just the ones you can visibly see from the road and neighboring properties.

  • Stallions run with mares and foals and breed non-stop, causing an overpopulation and no herd management. Mares are basically being bred to death.
  • The mares are so malnourished that they have nothing for feeding their foals when born. There are also yearlings nursing off mares while they are lactating.
  • There is not enough acreage for all the horses, which then leads to horses starving to death and fighting for food.
  • The owner refuses to give away any horses, even though people have offered him money. He also refuses to let anyone come and bring food for his horses.
  • No vet or farrier care is done on the horses.
  • Horses have open wounds that are not properly cared for.
  • Fencing is down on a lot of the fence line, including the fence not being hot, which leads to horses getting out and eating on neighbors properties.
  • There are skeletal remains from horses laying around the pasture (visible with binoculars and a camera) and skeletal remains on neighbors properties, such as horse skulls and ribs.

Some neighbors have reported dealing with this for 6+ years, while other neighbors have reported dealing with this for 20+ years. What they are dealing with is: horses getting out of the fence and doing damage to their land and going over on their land to find food and water. The neighbors have stated that they have been calling the Sheriff Department for many years and nothing gets resolved.

The agencies involved are the Carlton County Sheriff Department and the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota.

Please sign and share the petition! This has been going on for way too long and it is about time something is done.

There will be updates on this petition.