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Justice for Natasha and Simon

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Naomi Toro and Samantha Groombridge, two girls who helped assist murderer Foster Christian by helping him cover his tracks by removing the murder weapon from the scene and cleaning it, then dumped it in the river. It was not found for 4 days. Naomi stepped over Natasha as she lay dying on the stairs. Walked past a child who was overheard saying "am I going to die". They then drove to KFC when it was decided that Samantha would take the murder weapon and hide it in her dads safe. They have walked free after serving a pathetic 5 weeks in one case ( Samantha Groombridge) and 6 months in another (Naomi Toro).

To know people serve a longer sentence for shoplifting is outrageous. both girls will never understand the full extent this nightmare has caused us all, they both had a choice this night, they could have helped, BOTH BEING MOTHERS but instead they chose to help a MURDERER.  This is an ongoing ripple effect for family and friends of Natasha and Simon. 

Signing and sharing this petition could help us on the way to getting the justice we all desperately need and deserve. They both need stronger sentences to reflect the true terrible nature of their crimes.

please read the link below of the fully detailed horrific nightmare we have had to go through. Some people may find this distressing.

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