Justice for N’Senga Kinzonzi !

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N' Senga Kinzonzi, a high honors student-athlete was in her English class putting away her binder and a photo was taken of her without her knowing and shared via SnapChat without her consent. 

The photo above was taken, captioned and shared via SnapChat by Pete Krish, a junior varsity track & field student-athlete attending Minisink Valley Central School District.

Along with taking the photo and sharing with his friends

Pete wrote the caption “A wild nigger has appeared we mush(must) Lynch her”.

The Kinzonzi family *DOES NOT want anyone to perpetuate or mirror such hatred and unkindness while seeking accountability. They simply ask that you call Minisink Valley High School at (845) 355-5100

Additional Administrative information:

Principal (Removal) --Ken Hauck Khauck@minisink.com

Assistant principal (Removal) --William Jaeger email: cjaeger@minisink.com

Athletic Director--Timothy Bult Tbult@minisink.com (845) 355-5172

Superintendent (Removal) --Brian C. Monahan (845) 355-5115 email should be BMonahan@Minisink.com

N'Senga's older brother Caleb has raised awareness of his sister's matter using his social media and shared the post with me is on ig: @heathcaleb or fb Caleb Kinzonzi.

There are more stories of racist experiences endured by former students coming forward from Minisink Valley School District that have not received the proper protection or support from the Institution as well. 

Now that the matter has been made public and with the assistance of social media former students feel safe enough to share how Minisink Valley School District has failed to protect them. How the culture of this school is racist. 

(Pete Krish has since deleted his social media.)

His mother, Jeri Krish (on Facebook) is a French teacher at Goshen School District.

His father, Andrew Krish (on Facebook) is a Mathematics teacher at Goshen Central School District. 

Pete is an honor student and active athlete clearly understands the value of community. Yet, he went out of his way to make this young black student feel that she does not belong. Please take time out of your day to ensure that the school handles this situation with the utmost attention. I am hearing that this is not the first racist incident and the school has a history of brushing these matters off. He is old enough to be aware that actions have consequences.) #MinisinkGotRacism #MinisinkHS

UPDATE: follow @HeathCaleb on IG for more updates. Despite being notified of this incident and having ample time to accurately handle it since NOV 28th the school made a PSA yesterday due to people sharing this story. A PSA is not enough. This is not a single incident impacting a single student. Unfortunately, more families are speaking out about similar issues that also have not been dealt with properly. This school needs systemic change and an investigation into administration that fails to adequately ensure student safety and making clear that antiBlack violence is not welcomed in Minisink Valley High School.

The desired outcome of this petition is to get Minisink Valley to conduct a PROPER administrative investigation and to recognize the wrongdoings of their student and administrators. Racism/Prejudice is a LEARNED behavior usually beginning at home and can be UNLEARNED as well with the proper KNOWLEDGE.