Justice for my murdered daughter Miming

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My daughter, Miming, was violently killed at just 27 years old.  

Her murderer was her ex-partner, Khanh Thanh Ly He could be back on the streets in just 11 years but I’ll be serving a life sentence of grief for my beautiful, kind daughter.  

The pain Miming went through is unimaginable. She suffered numerous fractures, her spine was broken in three places and her face was smashed repeatedly into the concrete pavement.

The judge was lenient because Khanh Thanh Ly claimed he didn’t remember anything and  because of intoxication and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This evil man is dangerous. He threw my beautiful daughter’s dead body in the boot of a car then disposed of it like it was garbage.  Writing this breaks my heart and makes me sick.

The judge also ignored Ly’s violent past including death threats emailed to Miming prior  murdering her.

I thought Australia was starting to take domestic violence seriously until this. Who’ll be the next woman he maimes, mutilates and murders if he walks free in 11 years?

This leniency towards violence against women can’t be tolerated, it’s an insult to Miming, her family and friends and to all women who are victims of violence. Please sign this petition calling on the Director of Public Prosecutions to appeal for justice -- a harsher sentence for Khanh Thanh Ly.