Justice for Mozart

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I think people should support my petition because animal cruelty is wrong. Who has the heart to stab a helpless dog to death? I have two German Shepards.  I have had them since my bday February 2013. I live in a small town in Texas. I was staying at a old house and then moved into a new one where later on my landlord told me to give away my 2 babies because of policies. I didn't want to just give them away because they are my babies. So my husband decided to drive 28 hrs to take them to my in laws. I thought they were going to be taken care of but i thought wrong. I soon learned that my father in law was abusing Mozart (my boy).  He wasnt even a vicous puppy, he was the sweetest thing. I want to do something of course but i cant just get up and go get him. It hurt me soo bad. He supposedly stopped. But today at 9am i got text and phone calls from my sister in law saying my father in law stabbed my dog. My other sister in law stated that he already had it planned that he took the knife out last night. I am guessing he stabbed him last night and let him bleed out. I cried my eyes out and I still am. I am not a heartless person that doesn't care. I had plans to cremate him but my father in law threw him in the trash like he was nothing. I want to charge this man with animal cruelty. Please sign my petition.

i wasnt there to stop the pain mozart suffered. Hr stabbed him and i wasnt there to stop him. Mozart probably thought about me in all the pain he was in and i wasnt there :'( i am so sorry baby. I wish this was a nightmare I can wake up from. I miss you soo much. I cry every night wishing you were back home. I WILL get the justice you deserve baby boy. <3 you will forever be in my heart. Ill cherish the wonderful memories you left


RIP: my little angel close your beautiful eyes and let your soul rest <3


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