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Justice for Moose

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Around 10:30PM on August 20th, Moose and his owner Ryan were walking in the Eaton Residential Hall courtyard on the University of Miami Campus. Moose, a heart-melting 7 month old American Eskimo puppy was off his leash (and anyone who knew him knows this was the norm; Moose follows Ryan obediently around campus, always coming when called). But on this night, a loud noise from the Shalala Student Center echoed across the lake, scaring Moose, and he sprinted off out of fear. He ran toward the Lowe Art Museum, crossing Stanford Drive. In a matter of seconds, he was hit by an SUV in the middle of the Stanford Drive/Merrick Drive three-way intersection. As attested by numerous witnesses, the SUV that hit Moose immediately fled the scene leaving him immobile in the middle of the street. I held Moose in my arms as we drove to the South Dade Animal Hospital. We handed him to the vet, but within minutes the vet returned from the back room with Moose's body wrapped in a towel. He said there was nothing he could do: he had died almost immediately from the impact after internally bleeding. Moose was surrounded with a handful of his closest friends until we were all asked to leave at 2:00AM so the hospital could attend to his body. Moose was usually surrounded by people because of the joy he brought them; we never imagined that we would be hovered over his lifeless body, heartbroken over having to give our final goodbyes before his first birthday.

After four witnesses gave statements on the hit and run, Ryan and I visited UMPD to file a report. However, we were told the driver couldn't be charged and was not to blame since Moose was off his leash. In fact, if a student were to jaywalk across Stanford Drive and get hit, the student would be at fault, as Moose was.

Anyone who frequents the University of Miami campus knows that the Stanford Drive/Merrick Drive three-way intersection is a safety hazard. Perhaps this tragedy was merely bad timing, but the outcome may have been different if the driver was following the speed limit (15MPH) and had been required to slow down and stop at the intersection. Despite the heavy traffic, students consistently jaywalk across Stanford Drive all hours of the day due to the lack of a convenient cross-walk.

The purpose of this petition isn't to point fingers or receive compensation--it's to raise awareness about the danger this intersection poses to those visiting and attending our university.

Moose was no stranger to UM: he was an honorary 'Cane. He frequented campus and was always surround by a posse. He evoked smiles, brightened the day of countless students, faculty, staff, and strangers, and he loved every minute of it. Didn't know Moose? Here's a video of his first trip to the beach:

Please sign and share this petition to be a part of the effort to get the University of Miami and the City of Coral Gables to address this issue, to prevent future accidents, and to make our campus safer for our two-legged friends (and our four-legged ones too). Thanks!

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