Justice for Michelle Williams

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"I'm Community Activist Michelle Williams of Tampa, Florida and I have been accused of a very serious crime that I did not commit. The Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office has accused me of Grand Theft Second Degree for selling my own house. A little background on who I am, I stood up and spoke out boldly during the Trayvon Martin shooting incident in Sanford, Florida back in March of 2012. My comments in April of 2012 made national news and created a firestorm on the internet because of the bias news channels such as Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Rielly, Sean Hannity etc..... after not apologizing to the nation for my righteous comments of being a tired citizen, a tired mother, a tired activist of all of the things that  America has laughed at in the faces of black America thinking they could just continue to get away with murder. So since the state of Florida has been unable to prove any felonious acts of a felony they are punishing me with an O.J. Simpson type justice. The long arm of the law in Florida has placed many innocent black men, women and children into an injustice system of slavery and I personally ask the question of who then stands up for us? In my walk as an activist, I'm not seeking friendship nor favor I'm demanding justice put her blind fold back on and do what's right by the American people."

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