Demand the AKC require DNA proof of lineage before issuing registration. Stop Puppy Mills

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Demand the AKC require DNA proof of lineage before issuing registration. Stop Puppy Mills

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Jill Nabors started this petition to AMerican Kennel Club, CEO Dennis B Sprung

The American Kennel Club registration is worth less than a square of toilet paper to you as the consumer and it contributes to the suffering of millions of animals... let me explain how.

The AKC rules and regulations regarding registration is riddled with holes. The AKC is 100% aware of high volume puppy mills exploiting their registration loop holes and choose to do nothing.

Why? Because it is designed to feed itself like any good political system within America.

The AKC requires YOU as the consumer to prove their breeders wrong when you question your dogs parentage. They do not allow any outside sources to question parentage of a litter, making it easier to bully those under their umbrella into compliance of not questioning their pedigrees.

As if that is not bad enough, they also charge you a $500 fee to do this DNA proof of parentage test! 

Is this not the WHOLE purpose of the AKC registration?

The breeder is supposed to be the one proving their dog is purebred and exceptional via the AKC to you!

The AKC registration is also not proof of ownership. No one expects the AKC to govern ownership but most people believe their AKC paperwork is proof of ownership. Breeders know this fact and will utilize it against you if they desire.

The AKC collects nearly $60 million a year as a non-profit. That is quite a bit of money for a non profit. 

The AKC has their own DNA department but it's not a requirement of registration.

The AKC has openly admitted they do not want to force DNA proof of parentage on their breeders because of how much money they will lose.

(Money lost from the plethora of falsified litters and scammers who currently support the AKC with their fraudulent mass production operations). 

AKC champion or registered litters are worth more, so puppy mills often pass off whatever they breed under their AKC championed animals. I have seen many reasons why breeders falsify parents from stolen animals to passing x-bred as pure.

The AKC pressures breeders to produce more animals than they can reasonably sell or care for with their pyramid show scheme and registration requirements.

I am amazed at how many people blindly invest into this piece of paper or regurgitate AKC propeganda.

At the end of the day their registration is worthless to you and your dog. Your contributions to them only serve to prolong animal suffering under archaic state laws.

There are currently an excess of 7.6 million cats/dogs dying yearly in shelters.

The majority of your registration fee's are funding the AKC's ability to fight laws in every state which would govern breeding like a business and eventually end the need for shelters. These laws would affect cat overpopulation as well

No one is saying all breeding needs to vanish, but what we are currently doing as a Nation is not working. Breeders need to be held accountable to laws that will prevent over population and that will not happen as long as we continue to ignore what the AKC is doing.

Sign this petition requesting the AKC require DNA proof of parentage as part of their registration process.

It is a small step but in the right direction. for more on the AKC

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This petition had 422 supporters