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Kenithia Alston is a grieving mother, on June 12, 2018, officers with the Metropolitan Police Department shot 22 year old Marqueese Alston 15 times and killed him in southeast Washington. For two years Marqueese’s mother, Kenithia Alston has been begging for the truth about what really happened to her son. She has asked continuously for body cam footage that comes from the officers who were there just to have her FOIA request denied. She appealed, and is still awaiting a copy of the body worn footage two years later. Demand transparency and justice for Marqueese. It is time for “Black Lives Matter” to be more than just some words on the pavement for DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. His name won’t be disregarded by anyone anymore, we will make sure his family gets justice. We want the body cam footage, names, and badge numbers of the officers who were there along with the officers who shot and killed Marqueese Alston. He deserves to finally Rest In Peace and his mother and 4 year old daughter deserve closure. Marqueese’s life mattered.