Justice for Mark and Jacob Iskander

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On September 29, 2020, Mark and Jacob Iskander were hit and killed by a vehicle in their Southern California neighborhood while on a walk with their family. The vehicle’s driver, 57-year-old, Rebecca Grossman, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, racing, and fleeing the scene of the crime. (Source: NBC News)

Grossman posted bail and was released about twenty-four hours after her arrest. Her mugshot was not released to the public. Media outlets across the globe ran stories about Grossman, calling her a socialite, and repeatedly making note of her family’s wealth and status in their reports. They used photos of her at various events in lieu of her mugshot.  

Thousands of lives have been impacted by this tragedy - two, innocent and loving, young boys with their entire life ahead of them were taken away by the complete and intentional disregard for human life, gross negligence, and selfish actions of Grossman.  All witnessed by the very eyes of the ones who love them most — their parents.  Mark’s and Jacob’s family and community will continue to grieve this horrific and tragic loss for a lifetime.  Justice must be served, regardless of Grossman’s financial means, status, privilege, and connections. 

We demand that Grossman is prosecuted and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law and that she face serious consequences for her actions that took away the lives of Mark and Jacob. Grossman’s sentence must be proportionate to her crime in order to prevent future similar tragedies, and endangerment of other families and young children.  

We, the undersigned, want the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office to know that we will actively and diligently seek justice for Mark and Jacob Iskander. Even as media coverage dwindles, we will be watching, waiting, and praying that Rebecca Grossman is prosecuted appropriately for her heinous crime. 

If you sign this petition and feel compelled to do more, you may also write an e-mail directly to the District Attorney’s office here: https://da.lacounty.gov/contact/email.

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