Re-Open Custody and Fire APD Officer Brian

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Officer Brian has been terrorizing and stalking Linda Nuno Trevino for 9 years. He first came into her life when police were called for a domestic disturbance. He responded to a few more disturbances. He began stalking her, showing up at her house unannounced while he was on duty, peering his head in the door, calling her 24/7 demanding to see her and go on dates even though she was clearly uncomfortable. Things got worse when Linda and her boyfriend broke up, as he saw there was no barrier or anyone to "respect" anymore. One night, when Linda had taken sleeping pills, he let himself in and they began talking. She fell asleep on the couch and woke up naked, having been raped. She hoped that he now got what he wanted and would leave her alone. She became pregnant and at 4 months Brian convinced her to move in with him so as to protect "his baby," and he began controlling her every move and dictating what she ate, when she showered, and where she was at all times. Linda had doubts about Brian's paternity from her first ultrasound. She sensed that Brian knew he was not the father, but followed through with his actions anyway. Brian has manipulated, gaslighted, and abused Linda since he first met her. Her beautiful baby Tiffany was born, and at one month they moved in with her sister in Edinburg, 5 hours away from Austin. Brian began bringing her to court over custody, eventually taking her for a few days at a time. One instance, Tiffany had rashes all over, likely from poison ivy, and although Brian took her to the doctor, he never gave her the proper medicine (the bottles were never opened). She had irritation and rashes around her private area as well, leading Linda to deeply worry about possible sexual assault. Meanwhile, Brian would file complaints of Linda being an unfit mother and mentally unstable for being brave enough to speak out against him and his actions. He would file multiple reports to DFPS accusing her and they all came back false. The court eventually ended up siding with Brian, in 2017 and 2019. Detectives in APD defended his actions and protected him as an officer. Linda proved Brian was not the father, after having doubts, in a DNA paternity test in 2017 before Tiffany turned 4 years old. Therefore, Brian currently has no right to have full custody and should be revoked of parental rights. However, he has full custody of Tiffany, and Linda can only see her three times a month, for 2 hours, supervised, even though she poses no threat to Tiffany. She talks to her almost everyday whenever his mental games allowed. Tiffany is always hungry, seems distressed, and at times says she is "hiding" from Brian. Linda has piles of evidence- photos of bodily harm of Tiffany upon picking her up from Brian's house, recordings of her phone calls with Tiffany, Brian's texts to her, and all of the horrors she has experienced for 9 years. The court system, with the help of the Austin Police Department, specifically Detective Limas, Phillips, and Bazon, has failed her and her daughter in order to protect Officer Brian. Help bring Tiffany back home to her and keep Brian away from children in the future. Also, an immediate investigation should be opened into Brian's conduct- harassment, stalking, medical abuse, mistreatment of child, abuse of power, and sexual assault. Donations for future potential legal fees would be greatly appreciated.

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If you or someone you know has had similar experiences with police sexual assault, harassment, stalking or other misconduct, and you feel comfortable sharing with us, Linda's facebook page is below. Send us a message! We want survivors of the oppressive police system to be able to safely speak about their experiences and unite together to demand change and accountability!