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UPDATE: Jesse Cheng has been forced to resign! But you can still sign this petition asking the Board of Regents to protect Women's Resource Centers' funding.

We stand firmly with Laya, a University of California, Los Angeles graduate student, for speaking out against, University of California (UC) Student Regent, Jesse Cheng, who allegedly sexually battered and attacked her on October 3, 2010. 



1)   University of California Student Regent Jesse Cheng resign or be removed from his post immediately

2)   Laya receive full legal justice

3)   Women’s Resource Centers on University of California campuses be retained and funded


"I am sorry for sexually assaulting you." "I tried to rape you and I thank you everyday for not letting me do that to you."

These are the texts that Jesse Cheng, the sole student representative on the UC Board of Regents admits sending his girlfriend, ""Laya." Last October, Laya filed a case with the UC Irvine student dean, accusing Cheng of sexual assault. Cheng's fellow Regents issued a statement claiming they took the charges "very seriously" but declined to take action until the campus concluded their investigation.

On March 9th, 2011, the UC Irvine Office of Student Conduct found Jesse Cheng responsible for sexual battery. Although the campus has concluded their investigation and found Cheng guilty of the charges Laya brought against him, he remains in his position as Student Regent and the Board hasn't lifted a finger to remove him.

Jesse Cheng is a senior and will graduate in May. It seems the Regents want to let his term expire without publicly reproaching a University of California student who sexually assaulted another student. This is unacceptable - Laya deserves justice and all UC students deserve a system of schools that takes sex crimes seriously. Sign the petition to stand with Laya and the students!

Letter to
UC Regents Board UC Regents Board
Governor Jerry Brown
State Representative Adrin Nazarian
and 10 others
Alumni Regent Rex Hime
Vice Chair, Academic Senate, Faculty Rep Robert Anderson
President of the University, Regent Mark G. Yudof
Chair, Academic Senate, Faculty Rep Dan Simmons
Regent Monica Lozano
Staff Advisor Program Penny Herbert
Chairman Russell Gould
Staff Advisor Program Juliann Martinez
Alumni Regent Darek DeFreece
California Governor
We in the Justice for Laya Coalition are pleased that Student Regent Cheng’s no longer represents the “student voice” of over 200,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students on the Board of UC Regents. His actions misrepresent the UC student body and do a disservice to the advocacy and organizing of student activists across California and the United States.

But the UC Board of Regents has failed to take a strong stand against sexual violence and on behalf of survivors.

The Justice for Laya Coalition still demands that:
1) The UC Board of Regents release a public statement condemning sexual assault.
2) Laya receive full legal justice
3) Women’s Resource Centers on University of California campuses be retained and funded

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