Justice for Kurtis Graves II

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On January 8th 2005, my brother Kurtis Graves was arrested 26 days after his 16th birthday, and charged with murder.  9 months later on October 18th 2005 he was coerced into accepting a guilty plea and sentenced to 20-40 years in prison.  Handling his case was a notoriously corrupt homicide detective by the name of Dennis Dusak. Dennis Dusak  testified under oath on March 20, 2017. This information was not made public until a few years later.

Under oath Detective Dusak testified to years of unconstitutional practices that have illegally and unjustly stolen the lives of countless young men from Philadelphia County, including my little brother who is now almost 32 years old.  In a few months Kurtis will have spent exactly 50% of his entire life in prison.  Not figuratively, and not in installments of numerous incarcerations. Literally 50% of his life because of the corruption of Philadelphia’s Homicide Unit and the politics that have, for many decades, protected and enabled those practices.

Because of many recent case, that have finally begun to receive the justice that the many victims of this corrupt system deserve, the truth has finally, and undeniably so, been brought to light.  So too must my brother truth.   His story is here , and free for all to see.  So too is the truth laid bare so that the world can see the broken, corrupt system that destroys daily the lives of way to many, with an impunity that must be revoked.  

Please aid me in the fight to free my brother, who is a father, a husband, a son, an uncle (the best one in the world according to my son), a protector, a motivator, a supporter and an inspirer.  He is many other things, but he is not someone who deserves to spend any more time in prison as a victim of systematic corruption and injustice.