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Justice for Kona! Investigate & Prosecute Animal Abuse: Animal Victims, not Mere Property.

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Summary of case: On April 7, 2016, a security camera captured a thief stealing a car along with its occupant, a dog named Kona.  Kona could be seen on camera innocently kissing the thief in the face, while the thief roughly shoved Kona to the passenger seat, and drove off. Bill, the owner of the car, and Kona's best friend, went in front of media to plead for the return of Kona, instructing the thief to "forget the car."  Five days later, the car was located a mile away by a concerned citizen. Kona was found deceased on the floor of the car. 

Thanks to concerned citizens and the Portland Police Department, the suspect caught on camera was identified through social media and arrested days later. He was initially charged with a Class C Felony Animal Cruelty, but at the preliminary hearing, the DA decided not to pursue the felony. The suspect was charged with misdemeanor animal abuse and neglect, which does not reflect the seriousness of this crime.

Purpose for petition: This petition is to compel the Multnomah District Attorney's Office to investigate and consider all evidence in this case while recognizing Kona as a victim with rights, not as lost property.  This petition additionally requests that the District Attorney consider consulting with the State of Oregon Animal Cruelty Deputy District Attorney, Jacob Kamins and the Animal Legal Defense Fund to gain insight on the significance of this case for Kona, Bill, Portland, Oregon and beyond. Justice For Kona!

Rationale: As the title of this petition suggests, animals who are neglected, abused, and murdered should be afforded basic protections as victims; the Oregon Supreme Court suggests this.  Dropping the charge of felony animal cruelty and replacing it with misdemeanor animal abuse and felony car theft, not only treats Kona as property, this dismissal treats Kona as property valued less than a car. It is difficult to understand why the preliminary hearing resulted in felony charges for stolen property, and misdemeanor charges for an unthinkable act that led to the loss of life.  This is Oregon. Do we value property over life? When we value property over life, we have no one to blame but ourselves for our problems.

 Please read the letter to the DA's Office by clicking the red "Read the letter" link below.

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