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Justice for Koda

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On January 26th, 2017, I was blessed with the most beautiful Pomeranian puppy for my birthday. I named him Koda Bear. The moment I got him was like a dream. I have always wanted a Pomeranian puppy, and when I got Koda I knew I had gotten the perfect one. He was the light of my life, the one thing I looked forward to, he was my best friend. We did everything together. I pushed myself to work hard just so I would be able to give him all the toys and Cesar’s filet mingon's he wanted. Koda was loved unconditionally by my entire family, my friends and anyone that was able to meet him. He had a personality of his own kind, to me all he was missing was a voice and he would've been no less then you or I both. So today I need to be his voice!

November 1, 2017 at approximately 3:30 PM. My grandmother and my littlest sister took Koda on a play date to the new Kamuela park (Anuenue playground). As my sister played in the park, my grandmother and Koda sat at the picnic table. Both minding their own business, Koda was on a leash sitting next to her on the bench enjoying the sun. With absolutely no warning, two very large, and very hungry, loose pitbulls snuck up on them and attacked my Koda! Pulling him in different directions the two dogs punctured his little heart and shredded his lungs, instantly killing him! During the attack, my grandmother did everything in her power to get the dogs off of him. Kicking them and yelling in a desperate state of panic, she was also bitten by one of the pitbull’s. With it all happening so quickly she managed to see her surroundings looking for help. People then came running, surrounded them, VIDEOING THIS INCIDENT! One man recognized my grandmother and came to her rescue, fought the dogs off of Koda and managed to tie the two dogs to a fence. Immediately rushing Koda to the nearest vet, where he was declared as dead. During that time, another man stayed with the two dogs at the park and called the Waimea humane Society. They were both picked up and taken to the shelter.

Later that evening a young man and his daughter came driving up my street looking for his dogs. I was broken! After telling him what his two dogs have done and letting him know that they were at the Humane Society. He showed no remorse and no sympathy for what we just went through. His response was that he will take full responsibility for what his dogs have done, in the same bread with arrogance and cockiness he mentioned that this is not the first time his dogs have gotten loose and killed another animal. He says that he knows what’s coming he’ll pay the fines it’s not a big deal dogs will be dogs.

The very next day I got a call from the Waimea Humane Society, it was a courtesy call to let me know that he was able to pick up his dogs and take them home. They have released these dogs to him on multiple occasions! All he gets is fines! These dogs have killed animals before and now Injured my 74-year-old grandmother and killed my Koda! Next time it will be someone’s child or it could even be you!

I am asking for the public and anyone who has ever loved their pet like family. To sign this petition. It is not right that someone like him is allowed to be a pet owner. It is not right to keep releasing these vicious dogs back into his irresponsible care! This petition is to serve justice to those victims that have been attacked by these two dogs before. These dogs need to be humanely put down and the pet owner should not be allowed to have any more dogs.

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