11 February 2014
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Why this petition matters

What is the Issue ?

Some among the 1000 eligible winners of the KITKAT Nexus 7 Tablet Contest in India are denied their rightful prizes worth Rs.21000


Reason given by Nestle?

Nestle and it's agency say that the wrapper of Kitkat chocolate that was required to be sent by the winners have not been received, so their winning entries are closed permanently.


But Nestle is wrong factually and is unfair. Why so?

Because those winners have proofs that their wrapper and support documents were indeed received by the Nestle Agency at Gurgaon.


Why should it bother you, the reader ?

You can sign up the petition and support such genuine winners who, even after having solid proofs, are being denied their rightful Prizes.



Read if you want to know in detail: 

Nestle and indirectly Google conducted a contest to promote the newly launched ANDROID KITKAT operating system, by releasing special packets of KITKAT chocolates. The contestants had to send a code on the wrapper via SMS and winners were chosen out of a random scientific lottery.

An eligible winner had to send the WRAPPER along with some identity proof documents to a NESTLE authorised agency, which then performed the audit to confirm the winner. Such confirmed winners were then given a Asus-Google NEXUS 7 (2013) Tablet worth Rs.21,000, as PRIZE.

Unfortunately due to mismanagement by the agency and indirectly Nestle India, some winners were DISQUALIFIED from their legal contest entries. The reason given by NESTLE and its agencies are that the WRAPPERS which such winners had sent through courier were not received or lost at the agency OFFICE at Gurgaon, which is by fact a FALSE CLAIM.

Because proofs from the reputed Courier companyDTDC prove otherwise. The Proof Of Delivery documents and their online tracking system show that such winners had indeed sent documents well ahead of time and were received by the Nestle agency through proper authority.

It is indeed registered in various signatures and SEALs that the company made on such receipts.

The Winners have been treated UNFAIRLY,

so show your support by signing up for the Petition !!!  

You can make someone happy, by doing it !!

Petition Closed

This petition had 105 supporters

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