Justice for Kayleigh Ward

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This petition is to get justice for my Auntie,  Kayleigh Ward who was raped and murdered at the age of 9 years old by John O'Shaughnessy. 

In 1997 he was found guilty of the rape and murder when he pleaded guilty, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and the trial judge recommended that he should serve at least 30 years before being considered for parole. This recommendation is expected to keep O'Shaugnessey in prison until at least 2027 and the age of 62. NOW HE’S GOING FOR PAROLE!! He has only served 23 years and to us, the family who have suffered because of the actions of a monster, believe that 23 years is not long enough.

How can 23 years be justified for firstly thinking its acceptable to sexually abuse a 9 year old child and luring her away from public areas to carry out such a disgusting act, and secondly to take the life of an innocent child who had, not only a wonderful family, but also a community that thrived and believed Kayleigh was the heart and soul of the community. 

On the subject of the community of Blacon, Chester and even further outbound, many people were seriously affected by this. My amazing Nan, Yvonne was left distraught as you can imagine. Her beautiful daughter had been taken away and she felt helpless, useless and suffered a horrifying ordeal of a life. Years on and she no longer felt like she was living, she was simply existing, existing to remember what a monster put her and our family through. He not only stole the right for my Nan to continue being a mother to Kayleigh, but also stole the chance for me, my 5 brothers and cousins to have ever been able to have such a joyful and precious soul in our lives. 

Myself being named Kayleigh after our angel, I and our family and friends, continue to fight for her Justice!!! 

I can not explain enough how much the community was affected, there are still news paper articles and images online showing the affect it had on the community and public. Hundreds of people turned up at the funeral service for Kayleigh, to which not everyone attended could fit inside the church, there were crowds of people stood outside whilst the service was taking place. From the church service to the Blacon Cemetery, there were people still leaving the church after 10 minutes of Kayleigh leaving heading towards the cemetery. That’s how many people loved her and were affected!! 

My Nan sadly grew her wings and left us a year ago, all she wanted to do when she was to leave was to be reunited and buried with her daughter and because of the seriousness of this case, that was not allowed to happen. Another right he stole away from her. We will continue to get justice on behalf of my Nan and Kayleigh! 

No one that has carried out such a vile act of this kind can have any remorse of what they have done, having said that,  I am starting this petition for our family and everyone that was affected by this ordeal, everyone that knew Kayleigh and our family to help keep him behind bars where he belongs for tearing our family apart. 23 years has been and gone, 23 years of time that we could of had with our Kayleigh making memories. Please help and show how much our Kayleigh was and still is loved and missed.