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Judge Patricia DiMango was one of the judges who bullied Kalief Browder, Judge Patricia Dimango has blood on her hands and contributed to the suicide of a 16- year old boy.  No one should be profiting off being a bully.  That's what has made Judge Patricia DiMango a tv star. Being a bully.  She represents the very institution that imprisoned, tortured that ultimately  led to the suicide of 16 year-old Kalief Browder.

Kalief Browder was held at RIKERS ISLAND for 3 years WITHOUT TRIAL...spending mostly all of his time in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. Kalief's alleged crime, stealing a backpack. Yes that's right STEALING A BACKPACK!... Prosecutors were granted delay after delay and the judges refused to let KALIEF BROWDER out on bail instead sending him back into a system of constant harassment and beatings from inmates and corrections officers, yes corrections officers not only were complicit they participated in the torture. 

Kalief is the reason RIKERS ISLAND is closing.  Kalief’s mother, Venida Browder, died of a heart attack as she was suing the department of corrections and the court system in New York.  Judge Patricia DiMango had an opportunity to release Kalief the first time he appeared before her court. Judge Patricia DiMango tried to bully Kalief into accepting a plea deal but he steadfastly refused as he had the entire time he was incarcerated because of principal.  You see, Kalief did not accept a plea because he knew he was not responsible for the alleged crime.  Yet Judge Patricia DiMango refused after two years on RIKERS ISLAND to give Kalief the opportunity to go home to his mother and family instead Judge Patricia DiMango ordered Kalief Browder back to RIKERS ISLAND for another year or so of beatings and torture all because of a backpack.

Prosecutors never could present to the court the victim or a witness so eventually he was released after 3 years but the mental damage was done. Ironically, Judge DiMango ended up releasing Kalief not because she believed he deserved to be released but because of her frustration with prosecutors.  Judge Patricia DiMango should not being profiting off being a bully.  I intend to OUT HER to the press, picket the television studio and gather signatures from the public until producers remove her from the show. 

My platform is for the total RE-CONSTRUCTION of the CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. The system is not broken. IT WAS BUILT THIS WAY.  I can't do this alone..but together we can bring transformative change to our country.