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Investigate the Azusa police officer who killed Jovan Rivera.

The Azusa Police Department should be investigated by the media and the Federal Bureau of Investigations, not to mention the American Civil Liberties Union on charges. Despite countless claims made by citizens over the years, the department has rarely found any cases of wrongdoing by officers. Police shootings have become a routine occurrence and the public is force-fed the police version of these stories, without ever being exposed to contradictory statements made by witnesses and victims of the department’s alleged crimes against humanity.All across the nation, police departments are being openly investigated in far reaching corruption probes, ranging from cover-ups involving police violence, to outright thievery and drug dealing by officers. Yet, authorities and media outlets in remain largely silent towards numerous claims of corruption involving wrongfully shooting in CA and all over the nation. In 2012 there were a total of 587 killings by law enforcement officers in the United States. Citizen journalists are just beginning to interview witnesses and victims, to make their stories heard. But such actions will not suffice without help from the mainstream media and federal authorities, who are now investigating the Sheriff’s Department for cases of inmate abuse in the county jail.This same government magnifying glass needs to be turned on the Azusa police officer invovled in shooting and killing Jovan Rivera A 26-year-old Covina man was unarmed when he was fatally shot by an Azusa police officer after an aborted robbery attempt at an adult store, los angeles Sheriff's Department usually investigates their officer-involved shooting cases Azusa police department declined to release the name of the Azusa police officer but said he has worked in law enforcement for 19 years. The Azusa Police Department declined to comment on the case Tuesday, referring all inquiries to the Sheriff's Department. .  We need investigators who are not tied to police department. We need supervisors overseeing these investigations, who also share no ties with the city or the department. We need a court system that is equally impartial, to preside over any resulting criminal charges.Police officers are not any different from any other segment of our society. Some officers are honest, decent servants of the public. Others are not. All across the nation, investigations are being launched, and officers are being arrested and tried for their crimes. "the wrongful death of Jovan Rivera was a act of "unjustified" shooting by the police", at least according to the official records. Because the name of the officer remains unknown to the public, one officer could be involved in multiple shootings, and we would never know.“[N]ot only do these laws give police officers more rights than the average citizens have, they also reduce the rights that citizens have by making it more difficult for police agencies to discipline bad officers, which only serves to encourage more abuse through a lack of consequences.”

In loving memory of Jovan Rivera
October-1985- Sepetember-2012 


This petition was delivered to:
  • United States Attorney General
    Eric H. Holder, Jr.
  • Azusa Chief of Police
    Captian Sam Gonzalez,
  • Attorney General
    Kamala Harris
  • California Governor
  • Governor
    Jerry Brown
  • Los Angeles County District Attorney
    Steve Cooley
  • Mayor of Azusa
    Joseph R. Rocha
  • Mayor Pro-Tem
    Angel Carrillo
  • Azusa City Council
    Keith Hanks
  • Azusa City Council
    Uriel E. Macias
  • Azusa City Council
    Robert Gonzales
  • Ca Governor
    Jerry Brown

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