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A new year brings much hope and joy to many but unfortunately that is not the case for Josie, a 15 year old Yorkie who was severely neglected in her own home by her owner "master". I say "master" liberally only for definition not for respect of nor indication of care-taker status. Josie was found on January 4, 2019 in a home in Wake County, NC.  Turned over by her "owner", Josie went in to the shelter a mere 4.5 pounds. Unfortunately the news sickens as 15oz of her body weight was matting due to urine and feces getting trapped in her coat. The hind-end of her body was as if solid concrete had been poured over her and left to set. Once the matting was removed she was simply skin and bones and a meager 3 pounds. The shelter and veterinarians determined she had been living in these dire conditions for quite some time - simply starved, abused and neglected. 

This is where the plea for your help comes in. Josie needs our help to become her voice for stronger animal abuse laws in North Carolina. While there have been strides made we still have so far to go when it comes to justice being served for these abused animals. Many of the abusers only pay minuscule fines of $500 and perhaps serve probation. Abuse is abuse - it shouldn't matter if its to a person, animal, property or the like. 

Please sign this petition and demand Justice be served. Show the District Attorney of Wake County that we stand for every life and we want to see this owner prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  


"Dear Josie,
When people remember you, I want them to remember you sitting in the sun, with the grass under your paws, your eyes closed and your head tilted up toward the warm sunlight, breathing softly, steadily, peacefully.
I want them to remember that you are the dog that WILL BE the reason that animal abuse laws are forever changed in North Carolina and that because of you, animal abusers will face the most serious charges possible. 
And when you think about your life, Josie, I hope you will remember only the good moments you had in this last week. Remember tasting food to your lips, remember warming your body in the sun, remember how it felt to be held to someone's chest, remember the look of love that you met in every person's eyes.
And it's even ok to remember being released from your body in the arms of the man who longed to be your Dad for as long as we have known about you. Do you remember what he said to you? That you were a good girl, and that we love you so much, no matter where you are, you will always be in our hearts, that we are so proud of you for being so strong and that we PROMISE YOU, JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED. 
Now Josie girl, you have earned your rest, we hope you have found peace and happiness, that your body has been restored and your heart knows love again. Never again will you know hunger, neglect, sadness, pain, loneliness, or despair. We love you, Josie"