Justice for Joey and Chad Stevenson: Demanding a review or reinvestigation from an INDEPENDENT POLICE FORCE of my sons police investigation


Justice for Joey and Chad Stevenson: Demanding a review or reinvestigation from an INDEPENDENT POLICE FORCE of my sons police investigation

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February 7, 2013 my 2 sons were hit crossing the street on Dundas St corner near Hickory St in Whitby. It was snowing and it happened between around 10:35pm - 10:45pm. The area is well lite as there is a big carpet store sign, vet beside the store and the street lights. My friends came to get me and told me my  2 sons were hit as it was at the corner of my street.  When I got there I was running between my sons, only Chad was talking, Joey died on impact as the coroner told me. As a single mom of 4 sons the psychological turmoil of this devastating accident has robbed my sons and myself of Joey and its due justice.

They were hit by a small car on the eastbound lane and Joey was thrown to his last resting spot over 2 lanes of traffic and ended up on the westbound side touching the sidewalk. He died on impact. Chad was also thrown but in the opposite direction. Chad was critically injured and needed an like threatening emergency operation for his extensive injuries. Now he has a head injury also has rods and pins in each leg and a plate and pins in his left arm.

Ever since I was told that they were not charging the person, as there is not enough evidence. I was besides myself. Everyone that knows about this accident could not believe it. Since that day March 28, 2013 I have been doing my own investigation getting the paper work needed to get to the bottom of this. I have found a lot of inaccuracies with the investigation.  I wrote and asked The Durham Regional Police to have the investigation review and was told that they were not going to. My sons were given a drug and alcohol test, even my dead son. They were on foot crossing the street but the driver had no breathalyzer test or drug test. They did not even check his cell phone. There are statements to speeding but as per Durham Region they say the driver was driving at 40-45 km, but when they came to tell me there were not charging the man they said to me that there was speeding involved, so which one is it...that is IMPOSSIBLE with that small car to kill Joey and seriously injure Chad. I have a totally different speed from and independent company,  also in one statement it  indicates speed was a factor also said next thing he knew the guy came through my windshield (where was he looking). a coroner does not understand why charges were not laid...

I would like to have my sons investigation to be review or re investigated by an independent police force that has nothing to do with the Durham Regional Police. I find that the investigation was not done properly. The gentleman should have been charged for taking my sons life and injuring my other son. I would like to show the independent police force what I have found, and finally get charges laid.

I should be able to mourn my son and be there for my other sons and heal as a family rather than leading tireless investigation and reliving the accident everyday. My other boys including my youngest who was 8 years old when our lives turned upside down need their mother, Many people believe there is something wrong and a review should be done.

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