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Jessie faces deportation after being abused and exploited by his employer, he should not be punished for reporting abuse. Granting Jessie permanent residency would deliver justice and help in his recovery from traumatic experience and loss of income.

Letter to
(soon to be) Immigration Minister Scott Morrison ((soon to be) Immigration Minister)
- Grant Permanent Residency Status to Jessie Cayanan

We, the undersigned, give our full support in the demand for granting PERMANENT RESIDENCY to Jessie Cayanan, a worker who has encountered abuse and exploitation from his employer under the 457 visa scheme.

On 11 February 2013, Jessie started working as a vehicle Exhaust Fitter. By the second week of April, his employer told him that he is not one hundred percent competent in his work and decided to cut his salary without fully discussing the incompetency they were referring to. He was required to take half his wage from his bank and give it to his employer in cash, so his pay slip still appeared as if he was getting full wages. If he didn’t agree he would be sent home. Forced to accept the unjust deal, he was literally left with nothing as he had to make do with the little money he earns with living expenses and saving enough to send back to his family in the Philippines.

As if this is not enough, he suffered from a hostile work environment where his employer regularly made demeaning remarks to him.

On the 7th of May 2013, while cutting a pipe at work, he was accidentally hit by the blade that he was using on his forehead and abdomen. Jessie’s employer just asked if he was okay gave him band aid and tissue. He continued working until the end of the week even though he was in pain. This was a blatant disregard for Jessie’s safety and welfare in the workplace.

This bullying and unjust treatment had caused much emotional stress on Jessie’s part and he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety as a result.

Jessie’s case is only one of many experienced by temporary migrant workers in Australia. Without any guarantee of being able to stay in the country where they are working and paying tax, without access to many other rights like full medicare if they are injured, they are the vulnerable to exploitation and abuse in the hands of their employer, and some migration and employment agencies.

Because of this, we demand PERMANENT RESIDENCY status be given to Jessie. This will accord Jessie justice and help in his recovery from traumatic experience and loss of income.

We are affixing our signatures below as a sign of our support that Jessie be granted permanent residency and our support for the campaign to give migrants and workers equal rights and opportunities in this country.

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