Justice For Jason Landry! Help Us Get A Geofence Warrant

Justice For Jason Landry! Help Us Get A Geofence Warrant

November 16, 2021
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Criminal District Attorney Fred Weber and 5 others
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Started by Jen B

  At the age of 21, Jason David Landry, disappeared on his way home from college for the holiday break. Jason, a Texas State student, left his apartment in San Marcos at 10:55 pm heading toward his parent’s neighborhood in Sienna Planation, approximately a two and half hour drive. The night of December 13th was an unseasonably cold Texas night, with windchills reaching approximately 24 degrees. His last known location, via a digital footprint, was in Luling, Texas at approximately 11:26 pm on December 13th 2020. Jason’s wrecked car was discovered by a volunteer firefighter at approximately 12:31 am on December 14th in the 2300 block of Salt Flat Road in Luling. The car was inoperable. However, law enforcement officials believe the crash was survivable. Jason’s last known clothing, wallet, phone, and keys were all left at scene or in the car. Seven major professional searches spanning more than 50 square miles have produced no sign of Jason in the area where his car was found.

The Private Investigative (PI) team hired by Jason’s parents has uncovered circumstantial evidence that Jason was not alone at the time of his disappearance. The PI team strongly believes that a geofence warrant will enable them to locate a suspect or suspects as well as additional witnesses. 

The problem: the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office and the Caldwell County District Attorney’s office won’t agree to make the warrant application.

Knowing which cellphones were active in the immediate area of Jason’s disappearance will help the PIs to identify potential suspects and witnesses. Our only goal here is find out where Jason is and what happened to him. That is why we need your help! Jason’s family needs your support in asking that Sheriff Mike Lane, Captain Jeff Ferry, and District Attorney Fred Weber seek and secure a geofence warrant to find out who was with Jason at or near the time of disappearance.

By signing the below, your signature will be submitted to Caldwell County Sheriff Mike Lane, Caldwell County Captain Jeff Ferry, and Caldwell County District Attorney Fred Weber in support of a geofence warrant request in the Jason Landry case. Lastly, once you have signed this petition, please further support the Landry family in our quest to find Jason and bring him home by sharing widely on social media.

Please help support the Landry family by signing and sharing this petition. Thank You. 

Additional Information/Links:

Here is a link to a recent interview that Abel Pena (the Landry family Private Investigator) did with News Nation Now regarding the importance of obtaining this geofence warrant: https://www.newsnationnow.com/missing/investigators-offer-conflicting-theories-on-missing-student-case/

Facebook page for the Search For Jason: https://www.facebook.com/FindJasonLandry

Please Contact The Anonymous Tip Line With Any Credible Tips!  726.777.1359







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This petition had 16,606 supporters

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