Bill de Blasio: Justice For Jamel Floyd

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Jamel Floyd, a 35-year-old black man died in prison on Wednesday after guards at the Metropolitan Detention Center pepper-sprayed him in his cell. The mother of Floyd said that police "murdered" her son, who had asthma of which the officers were fully aware. The Federal Bureau of Prisons said that Jamel Floyd barricaded himself inside his cell at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, and broke the cell-door window with a metal object.

After Floyd "became increasingly disruptive and potentially harmful to himself and others," officers used pepper spray to try and stop him. Floyd became unresponsive after the spray was used. He was then given medical attention before being taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. However, he had not harmed anyone.

RAPP Director Jose Saldana has said "Pepper spray, under normal circumstances, when it's used the way it's supposed to be used, is not supposed to be fatal, but when it's used excessively, it might trigger a heart attack or something else that may lead to someone dying. They had to have done something in addition to just giving a regular dose of pepper spray."

Get the officers CHARGED and get justice for Jamel.