Justice for Jaleel Stallings

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Minneapolis Police are trying to send this innocent man to jail when they are to blame once again.
Jaleel Stallings is a hard working, tax paying veteran who has proudly served his country both at home and overseas. Jaleel has no criminal record and is being framed by the Minneapolis Police and we can't stand by and watch it happen!
He is vested in our community, owns his own home and is trying to be the change for his community. One of his current projects is to open minority businesses and employ youth in the community, and he is well on the way to making that dream come true.
After the tragic murder of George Floyd, he felt he had to make his voice heard and protest the injustice. On May 31st he was protesting in South Minneapolis when a white unmarked van started shooting at protestors. He and many other protesters ran for cover.
Police followed in a marked vehicle and arrested Jaleel and other protesters, claiming that they had been fired at. Jaleel is a law abiding citizen who was fighting for justice for a fellow black man and now police are trying to charge him with several serious felonies. They are trying to derail his life and take away his freedom. In the process of his arrest, that he did not resist, the police beat him so badly they had to take him to the hospital. He is suffering now from a broken occipital bone (eye socket) and a scratch to his eye. He may have other head trauma that is unknown but due to his current incarceration, he cannot have his medical status checked out further. The police claim they kicked him because they thought he was going to throw a rock at them!! They also destroyed his brand new truck, totalled it out of hate and anger!
As a whole we are calling on you to sign this petition to get Jaleel’s charges dropped. You can also contact the Hennepin County Attorney’s office at 612-348-5550 and 612-348-5561 and demand that Jaleel is released on his own recognizance and the charges against him are dropped.
The city of Minneapolis already killed one innocent Black man. Do not let them take away another one.
#JusticeForJaleel #FreeJaleel #CrookedPolice