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Ionas, a puppy only months old, was severely abused on the island of Samothraki, Greece on 18th February 2013. After he was beaten with a cleaver on the head, he was tied up with a rope and a sack full of stones was attached on him. He was then thrown to sea to drown. He struggled to remain on the surface, and luckily for him he was spotted by a fisherman and rescued. After spending some days on the island he was transferred by another fisherman to our town and was received by the local animal welfare union, Kivotos Alexandroupolis.Ionas was immediately taken to the vet where he received and is still receiving veterinary care. Unfortunately he lost one eye and the other is not certain to be saved. The Animal welfare Union Kivotos Alexandroupolis offers an award of 1000 Euros to any who could give specific information on the perpetrator's identity and whereabouts. Please, I implore you, sign the petition and ask the Mayor of Samothraki to do anything in his power for the dog's abuser to be found and be brought to justice. Send emails of protest as well in this email:

Letter to
Mayor of Samothraki Mr Hanos
Chief of the Hellenic Police Papagianopoulos Nikolaos
Dear Mr Mayor of Samothraki,
I urge you to do everything in your power to bring Ionas's abuser to trial. Such people should not escape punishment for their crimes. Please, I implore you, take all the necessary steps for justice to be served

Αγαπητοι κυριε Δημαρχε Σαμοθρακης και
Αργηγε της Ελληνικης Αστυνομιας,
Προ ημερων ελαβε χωρα στο νησι της Σαμοθρακης αποτροπαιο και ειδεχθες εγκλημα σε βαρος σκυλου που αφου χτυπηθηκε βαναυσα πεταχτηκε κατοπιν στη θαλασσα. Παρακαλω πολυ να κανετε οτι ειναι απο της θεσεως σας εφικτο να πιαστει ο δραστης και να αποδοθει δικαιοσυνη. Δεν ειναι δυνατον τετοιοι ανθρωποι να κυκλοφορουν ατιμωρητοι αναμεσα μας. Αυριο μπορει να κανει το ιδιο σε ανθρωπο. Αν αντι για το σκυλο ηταν παιδι το θυμα; Ποια θα ηταν η αντιδραση και θεση μας; Συμφωνα με μελετες του FBI απο το 1970 ακομη, οι εγκληματιες εναντιον ανθρωπων κατα ενα μεγαλο ποσοστο βασανιζαν ζωα σε πρωτερες ηλικιες. Ειναι αδιανοητο να παραμενει ασσυληπτος ο δραστης. Παρακαλουμε για τη συλληψη του και την αποδοση δικαιοσυνης συμφωνα με τον νόμο 4039/2012
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