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Ronald Fraser Brown, was charged by law enforcement authoritie's with creating a "chamber of evil" (author's words) within his own home. Reportedly, it is there that he carried out the systematic torture/murder of over 20 cats in a most sociopathic fashion. He allowed them to suffer horrifically before each died a painful, slow, and senseless death. Additionally, he manipulated many fine citizens in Alabama, using Craigslist to gather his fodder- the innocent, defenseless cats/kittens. He promised their owners a, rich and loving home, instead he delivered unimaginable pain and heartache to so many.Therefore, it is my belief that it is incumbent upon all  us who love these beautific creature's, that we demand the most punitive penalty available through the auspices of the: Judge's / Court's / District Attorney's Office, of Athens, Alabama. 

  Let us not see this individual walk free, due to apathy or a lack of concern for these atrocities. It is the responsibility of each and everyone of us to protect the integrity of these superlative animals, no matter the geographical area of our country. If Mr. Brown is found guilty of the charges as stated, then it is a violation of: judicial, natural, moreover, universal law. Then I feel that he owes each/every one of us, (moreover the victimized cats their owners) justice for this behavior. It is only fair, it is only right, in a nation that so highly regards life, in all of it's substance and form. Finely, we must support the system of jurisprudence in Athens, Alabama. We know they will excercise, "Supreme Wisdom" regarding these serious allegations. Godspeed to all of the officials of Athens, Alabama  "Justice for the Catz of Athens, Alabama"  




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