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ICE was a 1 year old deaf pitbull. Unfortunately I never had the honor to meet him or his family. On March 3, 2012 he was shot in his own yard by Ansonia, CT police in a supposed case of mistaken identity. I found his story on Facebook and later discovered his page and felt compelled to share is story. . here is the Facebook link so you can read it on your own.


The Ansonia Police received a call stating that there was a pitbull that had just bitten someone. The responding Officer in their search of this "biting" dog came across ICE. He made his own judgment and shot ICE in the neck. Killing him! In the video you can clearly see that ICE was showing NO SIGNS OF AGGRESSION, NO LUNGING, NO SNARLING NOT EVEN WALKING OVER TO GREET THE OFFICER. ICE STOOD AT THE BOTTOM OF HIS STEPS IN HIS YARD WAGGING HIS TAIL. This DEAF PITBULL NEVER HEARD IT COMING! If you are as disgusted and outraged at this as I am please read, sign and share this petition. Demand answers from the Ansonia CT Police Department Office. I strongly believe that this "officer" should be brought up on animal cruelty charges and have to answer to the public. If you agree please sign this petition


Letter to
Office of the State’s Attorney Kevin D. Lawlor, State’s Attorney
I just signed the following petition addressed to:
Ansonia Conn. Police Department
2 Elm Street
Ansonia, CT 06401
Phone (203) 735-1885
Fax (203) 734-6398

I am concerned about the amount of restraint held by an officer employed by the Ansonia Police Department. On March 3, 2012 a dog named ICE was in his own yard when this Officer walked up to him and callously shot the dog in his neck and he later died from the wound. The discontent for a family pets life that was showing NO signs of THREAT, no lunging, snarling, not run towards this officer. The entire act was caught on video surveillance. It is horrific. He was standing at the bottom of his porch stairs. He was wagging his tail a mile a minute; the police show up and shot him in the neck. ICE was a rescue dog that came from an abusive past but though this entire he received his canine good citizen's award. This person works for the Ansonia Conn. Police Department and because they carry a gun and a badge DOES NOT make that person above the law.
I am requesting that this officer should be brought up on animal cruelty charges and should have to answer to the public.
Thank you for your time