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Current laws are not up to date in regards to protecting animals from abuse and this is why:

Tucker and Huey were two young Alaskan Malamute boys that on the evening of June 26, 2013 were found by their owners Jeff and Dawn McClellan shot and killed in their neighbors garage. As a group we wish to show our combined support for the McClellan family and the love they have for Tucker and Huey. We welcome you and hope you share your thoughts by focusing on helping bring light to the current animal laws that sadly treat our dogs as property and that are not protected by laws in many states. Remember for all that join our group. We are NOT VIGILANTES. While we share your anger and outrage at this - we also need to keep it in check. We have a voice, as long as we use it properly people will listen. As soon as it gets out of control the people we are trying to reach will not listen. Please share our anguish at this but keep all threats, discussions on gun control, etc. off the site. We will be monitoring and deleting posts that we feel are not supportive to the cause of getting justice for these two beautiful boys. If certain people continue to display "bad behavior" you will be deleted from the site. America loves it dogs and remember "WE HAVE A VOICE!!"

Letter to
Governor Rick Snyder
State Representative, District 58 Kenneth Kurtz
Dear Sir or Madam

I am contacting you in regards to a great injustice that occurred 6/26/13 in the town of Litchfield, Michigan.
I, along with more than 3,000 individuals assembled via social media within days, can no longer keep silent.

An individual within the community of Litchfield executed two innocent dogs. A police report was poorly filed and the pleas of the dog owners, ignored. The victims didn’t have 2 legs – they had 4 legs and a tail. To many of us that does not make a difference. Expectations of kindness, fairness and reverence for the life of a human or canine, apply equally.

In America we love our dogs. They have become such an integral part of our lives, are our domestic links to the natural instincts within ourselves and, more importantly, considered members of our families. If you have any doubt please take a look into your dog's eyes and think about it. Take a look into the eyes of someone else, as they look into their own dog’s eyes. You will come to realize that a dog has a soul. A dog can laugh and grieve with you. A dog can aid the blind and rescue the lost. And a dog can feel fear and pain when cornered in a strange garage and maliciously executed by gunshots at point blank range.

A true Democracy is formed through the voice of the people. The affected parents of the Litchfield murders were told they have no voices, as do so many more across this free country when suffering through similar events. Our laws as they exist are based on morality and designed to protect the innocent. Do you find the torturous killing of animals moral? Is that not an indication of sociopathic behavior?

Sadly, dogs are considered property and are not protected by the laws of our state. The Litchfield, Michigan incident is not only one example of a collective lack of common decency but also a gaping wound that touches families where it does the most harm: their homes.

We do indeed live in the greatest country in the world: a Democracy fueled by the voice of the people. Listen to our voices and protect the canine companions who enrich our personal lives and perform admirably for those in need of their services. Your constituents are voicing their pleas. If cowards are further permitted to knowingly take the lives of defenseless dogs, then this Democracy is broken.

Please support us in our effort and try to change the archaic laws that consider our pets as having no intrinsic value. Dogs are valued, loved members of many families.