Our tiny Jack Russell was mutilated and dumped - justice for Honey

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Honey, mum’s sweet 14 yr old Jack Russell and much-loved member of the family, was brutally tortured. Mutilated and her body tossed away without a thought. We found her lifeless corpse  in a neighbour’s yard.

Honey may have been little in size, but had a big heart and glowing personality. Now our sweet furry mate is gone.

Another pet innocently taken by the hands of man. We've heard of other incidents of torturous animal abuse in the area -- many going unpunished. We're terrified that Honey's death could be swept under the carpet.

I am fed up of reading about poor pets being brutally killed, their abusers getting away free. When is Enough is enough Australia. Our politicians need to harden up on punishments for animal welfare rights.

Please help me demand justice for Honey and a crackdown on animal cruelty laws in NSW.

Rip little honey girl xx