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The DNR'S militaristic response of treating good people like drug kingpins and barbarically killing a healthy baby fawn without evaluation in not acceptable.



Letter to
Governor Scott Walker
President Barack Obama
This photo is a frame of the video DNR took right before they captured and killed Giggles. This precious curious face had no idea that the very people who purport protecting wildlife were going to brutally kill her.

It is our opinion the outrageous armed raid conducted by the DNR to capture and kill a baby fawn was an abuse of power, waste of taxpayer money and a tragedy which resulted in unnecessarily taking a healthy baby fawns life.

According to the WISN News Article
DNR records show the agents who planned and participated in this raid took joy in it, later taking Giggles to a nearby state park, to barbarically shoot her with a bolt gun in the head...

Wisconsin DNR'S "Illegally Held Wildife Response Procedures"
state that the assessment of illegally held deer needs to be evaluated in terms of where the deer originated, how long it has been in captivity, and where it is currently being held, yet this procedure was not followed when they so coldly and barbarically took the life of the helpless baby fawn named Giggles.

Is it the DNR'S stand that the public hunting wild deer, dragging them on top of cars and trucks in the open public is acceptable and not a potential for disease or a danger to humans but a helpless small healthy fawn contained at a shelter is a serious threat that needed a Team with weapons to track down and destroy?

SHARK Investigations
reports to have received a trove of internal documents from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regarding their July 15, 2013 armed raid on the Society of St. Francis animal shelter in Kenosha County, WI regarding the capture and killing a baby fawn that had been dropped off at the shelter, and who had been named “Giggles” by the shelter staff.

The DNR internal documents reveal the following:

- Though the DNR claimed in a public statement that “None of our staff take joy in these situations,” emails show that personnel were excited and looking forward to the raid. They even expressed that joy with “smiley faced” emoticons in their email.

- The DNR violated their own plan by killing Giggles before her origin could be discovered. Instead of asking the shelter owner where Giggles came from, the DNR simply killed the fawn outright.

- The DNR charged taxpayers for snacks and potato chips for their wardens who assisted with the raid.

- Giggles was killed by having a metal bolt shot through her head. A bolt gun is a slaughterhouse weapon. It is brutal and ugly and the DNR’s own record shows that this defenseless, 20 pound animal died after a state employee drove a steel bolt through her head. Shark is calling on Governor Scott Walker to immediately fire all those who are responsible for this disaster.

It is sad and disgraceful when the Authorities in charge of Conserving Wildlife have no respect for it. We the attached signatories are outraged by the DNR's actions and stand behind Shark's request; we would also like to request that the Proposals Outlined to modify captured wildlife laws and policies be honored.


Referencing the Illinois’ CWD management approach has been effective, and no evidence of increasing prevalence rates has been observed in the 10-county range of CWD
during our ten-year history of the disease, averaging 0.62%.

Yet Wisconsin DNR Secretary Stepp says this healthy baby fawn with no signs of illness -had to be euthanized.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
4. Special Considerations – Deer: Due to CWD and the department’s efforts to manage the disease, there are additional special considerations to evaluate when dealing with white tailed deer illegally held by the public. The assessment of illegally held deer needs to be evaluated in terms of where the deer originated, how long it has been in captivity, and
where it is currently being held.....

DNR Mission Statement, pg.8
To protect and enhance our natural resources:
our air, land, and water; our wildlife, fish, and forests

Alleged Email Statement DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp dated 9-14-2013

Proposals Outlined to modify captured wildlife laws and policies

The Killing of Giggles the Fawn

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