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Justice for Ghostie Girl..A Family dog that was Intentionally Run Over by a Neighbor

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The Goheen family needs your help we have had A LOT of issues with a neighbor & he has officially pushed the envelope way to far! We have a dog named Ghost (she was Samuel's dog) ask any one on the block here she was never out running around she was our inside dog, she was Samuel's buddy his doggy . We only let her out on leash or the rare occasion she would run out the door to go see what was new. Well today she got excited & broke free of her leash & ran to greet another dog & the neighbor might as well put him on blast JD on 4th street, reved his engine & swerved to purposely hit her I watch the whole thing I screamed. JD smiled at me as he drove off leaving our dog paralyzed in the street. When we got her to the vet she was already gone, he broke her back because he hit her 2x she had to many internal injuries. So I got to come home & tell our son Samuel that his dog was no longer with us. Geoff called the LJPD & once again they said they could do nothing!! Tell me is this not ANIMAL ABUSE??? Is that not against the law?? Its time that this guy pays for his actions! Who kills a boys dog??? Really?? How cruel do you have to be?? Please help us figure out what we can do. We even called the sheriff who said they cant do anything in the town of Cheraw we have to take it up with out mayor but yet the mayor says he cant do anything either. RIP Ghostie Gir

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