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Charge & Convict Ronald James Corbin Jr for the death of Genna Ayup

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27 year old, Genna Ayup, was tragically shot (in the head) and killed on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, by her boyfriend, Ronald James Corbin, Jr. The neighbors said they heard them arguing outside and then they went inside and the neighbors heard a gunshot. Her almost 3 year old son was present and witnessed the entire event. He speaks vividly about what happened that evening saying, "My daddy shot my mommy in the face with his gun!" Then he will go on about where his father got the gun and then what happened to his sweet, young mother, Genna. He tells us that he held her head and that she went to the hospital to get better but she's not coming back.   Unfortunately, RJ was not taken into custody that evening because the officers said that he wasn't a flight risk. RJ's parents hired him an attorney that evening so he would not have to go in and be interrogated. Instead RJ got to go home with his parents and son and lay in bed with his son and tell him how sorry he was that he killed his mommy.   RJ was not arrested or questioned for over 2 weeks.  He has never given TPD a statement and had cancelled a previous appointment to give "his side of the story" with the police. However, he was willing to call friends or friends & family of Genna's to explain what he says happened that night. According to him, he was changing the grip on his gun & it "went off in his lap." He denied to the rumors of being under the influence of drugs & alcohol that  day. Charges were  filed on July 12, 2012 against him for Manslaughter. He was finally arrested and taken into custody and released late that evening WITHOUT bond!!!! HOWEVER, court documents showed Corbin spent the last 3 hours before Genna's death at a bar. He consumed between three & four 23 ounce beers.    How is it that people can get DUI's or arrested for gambling or drugs and have to set bail but this guy was able to walk out in less than a few hours after he shot an innocent mother in the head with a gun in front of her baby boy?! He was due to not have his next hearing August 23,2012.   On August 22, Ronald James Corbin Jr. 's attorney was notified that no criminal charges against him are being filed at this time. According to the Pima County Attorney's Office, "the evidence is insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt there was criminal intent."   So he is walking the streets of Tucson living his life. Please take a few minutes to sign this petition and forward to EVERYONE you know for help putting this guy behind bars for a well deserving amount of time.   KGUN 9 News, KOLD 13 News, & KVOA 4 News are all following this story closely now and want answers to this "complex case." The people of Tucson are outraged by the news that no charges are being pursued against RJ, and many are speaking out about their anger.    This was a senseless and brutal crime done to a young lady who didn't deserve anything but the best in life and treated everyone as if they were her best friend and would do anything for anyone. She loved her son with all of her heart and now he is having to deal with the loss of his mother.   Please uphold justice.        

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