Justice for Fred Lee

Justice for Fred Lee

August 3, 2022
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Started by Antonia Commack

UPDATE 8/30/22

It’s been a while since I posted an update. We’ve been very busy! Fred’s family has hired a lawyer. His name is Rich Curtner. They have also hired a private investigator who is currently doing the work behind the scenes. Please continue to follow and support this cause on our Facebook page @Justice For Fred Lee 

Taikuulapiaq! (Thank you very much) 

UPDATE 8/7/22 

With approval from Fred’s family we want to release parts of the medical examiners report showing just how many scratches and injuries Fred sustained. We do not know if these scratches occurred before or after his death from the report but it’s important to note that Steve says there was no blood on the scratches and there is no blood noted on the report. If you carefully read the report you can tell that there were very large scratches ranging in widths up to 10 inches and up to 1 inch wide.

It reads: 

for numerous variously oriented scratch like abrasions covering the trunk including the front and 
the  back and all four extremities.  The abrasions  measure  up to 4 1/2 inches for an abrasion 
above the left nipple.  There are several parallel excoriated abrasions involving the left axilla and 
underneath the left nipple measuring up to 5 inches in greatest dimension.  Numerous abrasions 
wrap around the left trunk extending around to the back measuring in aggregate 7 x 4 inches.  
Numerous curvilinear  abrasions are seen across both buttocks measuring in aggregate 6 x 8 
inches on the right and 2 inches on the left.  The right thorax shows the largest concentration of 
abrasions measuring 5 x 3/4 inch in aggregate.  There is a cluster of 3 x 1 inch parallel excoriated 
abrasions,  horizontally-oriented, on the anterior right hip.  The midline of the back shows a 
slightly deeper parallel excoriated vertical abrasion measuring 4 x 1 inch.  The upper back shows 
multiple superficial linear abrasions measuring up to 4 inches and 3 1/2 inches for  parallel 
abrasions on the upper left back.  The upper right back shows abrasions up to 4 inches.  The right 
mid to lower back shows a 2 1/4 x 1 inch parallel excoriated abrasion.  Underlying dissection 
reveals no obvious internal trauma.  The neck is mobile, but no obvious fractures or hemorrhages 
are identified in the neck on internal dissection and posterior neck dissection.   
The head shows irregular abrasions of the left upper ear with underlying contusion.  There is a 2 
inch in length abrasion of the lateral posterior right neck.   
The hair and body contain multiple adherent small rocks and sand-like grit.  The extremities are 
significant for multiple variously oriented abrasions which measure up to 10 inches in length on 
the dorsum of the left upper arm to 6 inches on the dorsum of each posterior right and left 
forearm.  The  abrasions measure up to 4 inches for an oblique abrasion across the left upper 
anterior arm.  The legs show numerous parallel excoriated abrasions variously oriented along the 
lateral left thigh.  There are multiple dimple-like  abrasions of the anterior lower thighs and 
knees.  Linear abrasions extend also onto the calves  measuring 3 inches on the left and 3 1/2 
inches for parallel excoriated vertical abrasions on the right calf.  There are parallel excoriated 
abrasions measuring 6 x 1 1/2 inches on the anterior right calf.  A cluster of  4 x 2 inch abrasions 
are obliquely-oriented on the anterior left lower calf and ankle.  The feet show rare irregular to 
punctate abrasions.  There is abrasion measuring 1 inch over the superior surface of the right 
foot.  The posterior surface of the legs is significant for parallel excoriated abrasions measuring 8 
x 1 inch, obliquely-oriented, on the dorsum of the right thigh.  The upper left thigh shows an 8 
inch, slightly curvilinear abrasion with a 5 inch parallel excoriated abrasion of the dorsum of the 
left knee and popliteal surface.  No fractures are identified.   
The above having been once described will not be repeated.  The remainder of the examination 
of the head, neck, trunk, and extremities is unremarkable. 

UPDATE 8/6/22 

Local news outlets have finally picked up Fred’s story. Here are the links 

Please continue to share this petition with your friends and family. We appreciate the support!!

Anchorage Daily News https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/anchorage/2022/08/06/family-says-police-didnt-listen-to-witness-account-of-prelude-to-buckland-mans-death/

Alaska’s News Source https://www.alaskasnewssource.com/2022/08/06/family-fred-lee-asks-anchorage-police-reopen-death-investigation/

UPDATE 8/3/22 

The lady who called in Fred’s body to APD has come forward to speak to the family. She agreed with the other witness that Fred could not have gotten down there on his own because of how clean his bare feet were. She also told Fred’s daughter that she tried to move his head because he was in a face down position but he was already too stiff from rigor mortis which means he had been dead for a while. APD also told Fred’s daughter that this lady has been walking her dog when she found his body. This witness states she does not even own a dog. Their stories are not matching up! We need a proper investigation!!! 


Between June 14/15 Fred Lee was murdered and left naked on the beach in Kincaid Park without any of his belongings nearby. He had hundreds of scratches to his torso, a broken nose and a blow to his head. His body was found by three passerbys on June 15th around 3:30-4pm. One of the people who found his body tried eagerly to give the Anchorage Police Department his statement but they declined to take it at the scene. He tried for several days afterward and was turned away yet again. He just assumed that they caught the killer by then. It wasn’t until he saw an article on the Anchorage Daily News about Fred’s situation that he reached out to family members to tell his story.

He told them that he was doing his daily walk at Kincaid Park around 3pm. He heard some people arguing down in the bluff, which was odd because he normally only heard people on the trail. He said it sounded like someone was on the phone and he heard someone say multiple times “I didn’t hurt her!” After listening for about 15 minutes he continued on with his walk. When he turned around on his way back around 3:45 he saw two people standing over a body down on the beach. He told the family he didn’t see anyone down there when he started his walk. When he got down there he asked the lady who was already there if she started CPR and she said no because it was obvious he was already dead due to his cold body temperature and stiff limbs. All three of the people who found Fred’s naked body there agreed it looked like rigor mortis had already set in due to them not even being able to move his elbow. It is a fact that rigor mortis takes up to 3 hours to set in before a dead body becomes cold and stiff. Rigor mortis does not occur within 45 minutes time so Fred being one of the voices he heard is impossible during the passerbys walk in the park that day. 

After this witness saw the ADN article he tried yet again to contact APD to make a statement and was turned away. APD said they were postitive that no one had anything to do with Fred’s death and that he walked there on his own, naked and laid there and died on the beach. It’s important to add that Fred did not have any damage to his feet suggesting he walked through the deep brush for 2 miles down onto this beach. This is when this witness contacted the family and told him what happened. This witness even walked with them down there to the beach and showed them where Fred’s body was found and how close the voices were that he heard. 

The family has also tried to request a cause of death from the medical examiners office without any result. They seem to be beating around the bush and agreeing with APD that he died of natural causes. They’ve told the family that they have to wait until they get the toxicology report back to give them a cause of death and that it could take up to 12-18 weeks. 

Please consider signing and sharing this petition to have the Anchorage Police department reopen the case to give Fred and his family a proper and thorough investigation. His life mattered and his family is seeking justice because everything about this case is suspicious and should not be ignored! 

The family has also started a GoFundMe account to raise funds to hire a lawyer, a PI and possibly do a second autopsy if needed. All funds will go to costs associated with fighting this uphill battle. Any donation, big or small, will help fight this injustice that too many have dealt with here in Anchorage. Here is the link https://gofund.me/a01bd314

Taikuulapiaq (thank you very much) 


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Signatures: 2,509Next Goal: 5,000
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