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Freckles suffered for 8 days in the PASCO COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL SHELTER, FLORIDA. She was denied medical care, laid in her urine, had maggots in her eye, was covered in fleas and filth -- while healthy animals are terminated. She was adopted by a concerned citizen who took her immediately to a vet after getting her water and food which she desperately consumed--the vet and new owner had her put to sleep because she was described as "too far gone." And yet? Pasco County Animal Control walked by her and let her suffer without a word. This is animal abuse, and when one animal the hands of the state...we all suffer.

Letter to
Dear Sir,

We respectfully ask that the Governor look into a matter of animal abuse, neglect and oversight as an allegation that deserves his full consideration regarding a female dog named "Freckles" who as in the care of the Pasco County Shelter, Florida, at an indeterminate date, but within the year of 2012 where allegations are circulating that the shelter did endeavor to willfully abandon their duty as representative of the wishes of the people as well as the laws of the state of Florida pertinent to animal welfare.

WE ask for your intervention because the state has endeavored to enter into the care of the animals of the State of Florida, and in so doing, they have entered into a contract with the people of Florida implying that they will endeavor to provide better care than the streets, woods, and people of Florida could, and hence, they set the standard of care, as being higher than the parties they legally remove, accept, find and house; until finding them a home for the (right) parties, to wit, they do not give animals to (just anyone) and hence they have set a high standard that the state (must) adhere to and cannot deviate, or they are in breach of their fiduciary duty to the people of the great state of Florida.

As a community we believe that the Pasco County Animal Control Offices, of the state of Florida are indeed in breach of their duties to ensure a standard of care that represents the will, and law of the people of Florida, and we respectfully request your assistance in rendering aid to the community of Pasco County by providing an inquiry that is substantive and acts to ensure that all of the animals of Pasco County receive proper care, medical care, food, water, and more, without acting in excess of the needs of the fiscal obligations of the county, and the state of Florida. We do not believe that the fiscal needs of the county and state are at odds with the needs of the people who demand that their animals are treated humanely and with respect to the welfare.

We humbly ask for your intervention regarding allegations that are circulating on the internet regarding a dog named "Freckles," to ensure that these is indeed no such act as mentioned here: negligence, abuse, and cruelty, which is now in the public domain regarding the standard of care provided by the Pasco Animal Shelter, located at: 19640 Dogpatch Lane Land O' Lakes, FL 34638 ~ (813) 929-1212 and act in such a manner to intervene if needed to restore care as promised by the county, and the state, so that no animal suffers as this animal is described as having suffered, if these allegations are true, to move to file criminal charges against the appropriate parties, while instituting measures to put the shelter on track with the standards of the state of Florida.

We thank you for your time, and deeply appreciate your partnership with the concerned people of Florida (at large) and the local Pasco County residents.

Thank you.

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